Fox News host suggests the creation of violent video game registry

During a segment focused on discussing Monday’s mass shooting at a Washington Navy Yard, Fox and Friends’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck, suggested perhaps some sort of national violent video game ownership registry should be created.

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GarrusVakarian1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I have an even better idea, mandatory videogame sessions for all Fox news employees with a wide range of videogames for them to play, so they can see that videogames aren't just killing simulations. Maybe then we will get some less biased media.

PoSTedUP1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

the people suggest bs corrupted news station registry.

violence and murder was along b4 videogames, if anything it keeps people safe n sound in their home.

ppl who are gonna murder, are gonna murder.

do pedophiles and rapest watch a lot of porn? yes.

the sick and twisted violence murder and rape has to do with chemical imbalances in the brain.

do i like fighting? yes, i use to box. do i play a lot of fighting games and watch a lot of fighting videos on youtube? yes. do i go around ramdomly punching people in the face for no reason, or even try n start fights? no.

hell ive been interest in violence, grusome movies, games since i was a kid and grew up in a violent and drug infected household and im actually a pretty good person.

it all depends on the person/mentality.

Gaming1011831d ago

Old farts (ie. all of Fox News' audience, average age being over 65) have blamed all media for the world's problems. Back in the 50 and 60's it was rock and roll, then comic books, then rap music in the 90's, then videogames of today. It's nothing new, and it will never go away.

Boody-Bandit1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Fox Noise is the absolute worst propaganda machine in America. They don't even remotely report a resemblance of reality. It's just all misinformation fear mongering to fuel ignorance.

You want to see Elisabeth Hasselbecks head explode? Ask her why isn't there this level of violence in all the other countries video games are sold. Facts make zealots go BOOM.

GortJester1831d ago

I love how people jump on Fox News (Obviously you should jump all over this woman for being ignorant) when the people the are the biggest advocates against Video games are on the left ie Hillary Clinton, Jack Thompson and the rest of those idiots. I know its easy to go with the mainstream and hate fox news, but you need to look more often at the politicians and see who leans towards them and their ideas ie CNN, MSNBC, CBS and the like. I, for one, listen to WMAL (Yes, Conservative radio) and whenever this topic is brought up (which isn't very often) Chris Plante, Sean Hannity and so forth always dismiss it as ridiculous, and compare it to calling the guns bad instead of the murderers, Conservatives are for holding the criminal/murderer/pedophile accountable, not the tools he uses or blaming the media he absorbs. Just a thought.

XB1_PS41831d ago

You know what would happen if they catalogued every single person that owned violent video games, and showed all of these registered people on the internet. The ENTIRE UNITED STATES would be covered with over 100 million marks. That solves nothing. 1 out of every 3 people, you would supposedly have to "watch your back" for.

Regis1831d ago


The United States Government do not have the funds to do so

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wtopez1831d ago

Common sense is not Fox News forte, or common knowledge for that matter.

LackTrue4K1831d ago

i just got back from GameStop to pick up my copy of GTA5, and 3 mom's bot the same game for some 10 year old. Why is this not on the news?!?

bigrob9041831d ago

all i know is that i have been playing video games since i was about 5 and i'm 21 now. within this time frame i have killed all of 0 people, and have never had the desire to do so. fox acts like killing is some new fad, people have been killing each other before recorded history. they do realize that it's actually less violent today then it was in the past?

when i play games like grand theft auto i run virtual people over with a car, throw grenades into groups of people, and have sex with prostitutes kill them and get my money back. i have never done any of these things in real life and never will i. what i want to know is do they blame violence on movies and tv shows, because they are just as violent if not more so. if a person wants to kill they will do it o matter what type of media they partake in, it's just oin them to kill.

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Majin-vegeta1831d ago

Ummm isn't this what the ESRB is for??

frozen-assets1831d ago

That's what I was thinking......isn't that the exact purpose of the ERSB? GTA5 has a sticker with a M that states is has violence, sex, not for kids etc etc etc.

Godmars2901831d ago

What parent follows that?

rainslacker1831d ago


I've seen parents at GameStop say they won't buy a game for a kid if he gives them a M rated one. I've also seen parents that will buy their kids M rated games when the sales associate tells them that it's rated M. I even saw a mother buy her kid GTA 5 this evening even though the manager told her it wasn't appropriate for children and was particularly violent.

In the end, broad generalizations don't mean much. Not every parent is bad, and not every kid is incapable of handling mature content. Looking from the outside on any of the above instances is no way to tell the psychological profile of anyone.

KUV19771831d ago

Yes, create a registry for every person who owns violent video games in the US. Just as long as noone ever dares to suggest that firearms may be registered... that would undoubtedly lead to confiscation and with it to loss of liberty... The cops should know about everyone who plays GTA but don't give them the power to even get the name of someone who walks on the street with a loaded AR15. Second Amendment ftw!

rainslacker1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Most states require that firearms be registered. Been that way for quite a while.

matts_pyro1831d ago

Key word there is "most" I live in florida where I have the right to go buy or sell a gun (handgun, shotgun, AR15) in cash without any paper work or background checks. Most deffenitly not on any sort of lists! Sounds crazy, but this is America where we can do that no big deal. Remember, violent video are bad!!!!

KUV19771831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Define 'registered'. At most you have to perform a background check and the officials are by law required to delete the supplied information within 24 hours - nationwide. Maybe some counties have special regulations to keep it on file but most certainly not on an official basis. The dealer is required to keep your form on file but there is no registry. The fear of creating a national registry is one of the things that killed Obama's latest push for improved background checks.

The only weapons that require registration with the fed are full automatic firearms, which coincidentally have hardly been used in crimes since the moment they had to be registered.

Lucreto1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )


What boggles the mind oh he has a games console it must be a games fault.

We could easiley say he has The Matrix movie that made him do it or he has a bible he is a right wing extremist.

KUV19771831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

While I am totally on your side as fas as that games don't make killers, I think the image doesn't really help. It just makes gamers look ignorant. Of course you can learn the rules of football by playing those games. You can learn about anatomy from a well made operation-game. You can learn about the law from a good game too, just as much as you can learn recipes from a cooking game. I also think that you can learn details about firearm-usage and maybe even tactics from a game... but there is an inbuilt mechanism in most humans that inhibits us from taking other lives. I don't believe a video game alone can in any way get rid of this inhibition.

Also, there are surveys that show that 97% of Americans play some sort of video games... how the hel would you find a shooter that didn't play video games... The FBI had a study that showed that violent crime felons where not overly interested in violent video games... more of them were into violent books... Prohibit reading already!

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