PS4 Launch Bundles (USA and UK) Which One Should You Get?

PS4Home: "Perhaps one of the greatest things about the release of a new gaming console is that you can count on specific bundles to be made available for individual types of gamers."

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Abash1763d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle is perfect. A launch game with what's looking to have a great campaign and fantastic multiplayer with your new PS4, can't go wrong with it

ZBlacktt1763d ago

Heck, KZ, WD or AC4. All 3 are mind blowing epic looking games on Next Gen.

Jaqen_Hghar1763d ago

A man can get Watch Dogs on current gen and another next gen platform. a man will go with KZ because it's one of a select few developed specifically for the PS4. A man will ask for Watch Dogs for Christmas and possibly BF4 however.

ZBlacktt1763d ago

Jaqen, The Next Gen versions are built to Next gen specs. The games will play the same. But not even close in graphic details and added effects.

Selena_Sen1763d ago

Many a gamers' tormenting question to the manufacturers is, "When will play station 4 (PS4) be released or have plans been established and even developments being in progress?"

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