Battlefield 4 on Xbox One could feature head-tracking

Battlefield 4 on Xbox One could feature Kinect-powered head-tracking, executive producer Patrick Bach said in a new interview on the Xbox Wire.

He explained that DICE is "looking into" features that "enhance" controls, including using Kinect for peeking and leaning, as well as further head-tracking. This is in addition to using Kinect for voice commands.

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Regis1827d ago

This is an interesting tidbit to add to any shooter game. I get tired on holding down on the d pad and then using my other hand to use the look stick and turn it while trying to dodge enemy bullets or missles

PoSTedUP1827d ago

definatly adds emersive gameplay, reminds me of voice commands on socom ps2, and socom cofrontations on ps3 where you could tilt the controller back to pop up from cover or peak around walls. dunno if i would always wanna tilt my head but its deff a cool feature if implemented properly.

JokesOnYou1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Yep if done properly it should add some immersion. This is why I like Kinect standard because I believe devs can continue to improve upon this type of implementation or find totally new ways to add to our already great gaming experience. Its not a "OMG this amazing" type of thing but its a cool option/tweak that leads to even better future immersive gameplay.

mewhy321827d ago

would be a cool feature for tilting the controller from side to side. Head tracking wouldn't work well because the screen is still directly in front of you meaning that there would be times that your head would not be at the right angle to seen the screen. But with a controller tilting it would not affect the vision of the screen at all. too bad that the bone's controller doesn't detect such things.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1826d ago

emersion. lololol seems to me like a pointless added gimick

PoSTedUP1826d ago

its deff gonna be pretty cool. wouldnt use it all the time tho, only when im in the mood to be getting all tilty headed. this with a controller gun would be awesome.

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iPad1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

"I get tired on holding down on the d pad and then using my other hand to use the look stick and turn it while trying to dodge enemy bullets or missles"

Lol. You make is sound like it takes a degree in Rocket Science to do something so simple.

Regis1827d ago

I admit that it does sound silly

blackmanone1827d ago

So you think throwing your head around like a fool is going to be more enjoyable?

XB1_PS41827d ago

I don't know about you, but I'm going to lean my head gently. Not flail my head around violently.

JokesOnYou1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

blackmanone, Why would you throw your head around like a fool to peak or lean around a corner? I mean do wildly grab the trigger button with 4 fingers to fire your weapon in game? Calm down bro, no need to hurt yourself.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1826d ago

haha i know right. just too gimmicky and silly. You'll look like a total fucking idiot ducking your head around. seriously

okmrman1826d ago


your user name alone proves that youre begging for attention

H0RSE1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Your choice of words are consistent with other anti-kinect rhetoric I've seen around here, like "waving your arms around like an idiot" or my personal favorite, "yelling at your TV."

You don't need to throw your head - you can just lean it.

You don't need to flail your arms - you can just move them.

You don't need to yell - you can just talk with your normal voice.

redwin1826d ago

@blackmanone, was that really necessary, do you think we should all copy you and like the PS4 exclusively? Maybe you think you are a trend setter.

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TomShoe1827d ago

Not really a game changer, but it sounds really cool if implemented correctly.

1827d ago
Animal Mutha 761826d ago

Agree. If set up correctly the head tracking feature on Forza 4 is really good in cockpit view.

BallsEye1826d ago

Awesome! I'd like to see some hand tracking for commander mode, could be pretty cool. Zoom in and out and operate it minority report style. I bet most of people here would say I'd look like an idiot waving my hands around...well I don't care! I'd enjoy the crap out of it!

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black0o1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

they didnt even show the game running on x1 and now they are "looking into" extra features please DICE drop the BS act and gves us some next-gen direct feed footage

2cents1827d ago

Drop the BS act?

What the hell has Dice done wrong?
Battlefield is arguably one of the best war game franchise out there. Bottom line we are privileged to be able to see anything of the game before its released on whatever platform they show it on. THEY made it, they will show it when they are good and ready.

What happened to waiting for a game in anticipation and excitement? Is everything from now on going to be addressed in such a manner. Dude, why is everyone so pissed at everything, all the time? Im not trying to pick a fight, I'm just confused why everyone seems to be so angry at everything.

black0o1827d ago

gve me a link that shows ps4/x1 game play

Hufandpuf1827d ago

I'll try it, but I dont want to lose my focus when im trying to lean.

XboxFun1827d ago

Hope this is true.

And this is the benefit of having the Kinect in every box. Great game options like these that the dev can automatically put in every Xbox One game and know it will be used by gamers.

PeaSFor1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

GTurismo had the same thing.

PeaSFor1827d ago

late to the party i guess....


XboxFun1827d ago

Late to what party?

Battlefield had this before? Or are you talking about a completely different game that I never even mentioned or brought up.

And what does this have anything to do with what I mentioned about a Kinect in every box?

Looking through my comments I don't see where I said this was a brand new feature...

Peasandcarrots did you completely misread what I wrote and auto go to the easiest of troll comments? I bet you did.

black0o1827d ago

it's PR stun nothing more .. they are way behind in optimizing the game it self and getting it running on x1 within the next 6 weeks

lastofgen1827d ago

how you have 6 bubbles by spreading such false information is beyond me..

black0o1827d ago

dude Ms promised a playable demo of bf4 on x1 and yet dICE didn't deliver and back at gamecom they show a per-alpha demo on ps4 with only 16v16 and it had a lot of frame drop read ign review

and just weeks ago they back tracked about the resolution of ps4v and said they are hopping for 1080p

I'm not speaking out of the blue I'm keeping track and I'm not one of those whom blamed ms for not show it on xbone I'm blaming DICE for it

jimsas1826d ago Show
Xsilver1827d ago

grand turismo has head tracking do i use it nooooo

camel_toad1827d ago

My thoughts exactly. I really don't care for kinect focused games but with developers knowing that everyone with an xbox one will have one it let's them get creative without forcing them to shove the kinect down people's throats.

KwietStorm1827d ago

Nothing is automatic, as you put it. There *might* be more incentive, but they could do the exact same thing on PS4, but instead, they're doing it with the controller that comes in every box. Everyone is happy either way.

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kizzle321827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

This seems cool...until someone walks in front of the tv when you are about to shoot a guy and it loses track of you and then has to take a couple seconds to re-calibrate and find you again, or, if its not picking your head up well enough and stutters and jerks your view around where you can't even shoot correctly.

This is all hypothetical and non-fanboyish, I just had high hopes for the Kinect 1 and was completely no high hopes of this one until it works like it is supposed to.

Forza 4 had head tracking...that worked well...*sarcasm*

2cents1827d ago

I agree with you on that one. My kinect is used for occasional voice control for media playback when I don't know where I put my controller. It just wiggs out all the time during the day because of strong light from a big bay window so I can never use it consistently. So it's there as a backup if I can't find the controller or remote lol.

MS talked the talk last time and they basically lied about the power and accuracy of the kinect. What they seemed to be talking about is this new one. Let's hope it stands up to consistent use, not a 15 min tech demo and being told what to do.

I'll know soon enough as I have it preordered, I just can resist the temptation of having new tech. Fingers crossed.

kickerz1827d ago

If people are walking around in front of your TV during intense battlefield sessions wouldn't you just pause the game anyway? Or maybe move the TV to a better spot?

jimsas1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Agree ... And have a 'well said' bubble up for stating what I was thinking all too :)

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