Metal Gear Solid Gameplay to Stream from TGS 2013

The Metal Gear Solid Gameplay Stream from TGS is up, as reported by Geron at SpawnFirst


The Stream WILL be up on the location specified on the website at 6:PM JST on 18SEP2013 (it's currently morning of the 18th in Japan). Correcting the earlier details given that sound like it's currently up. Stay tuned to the page.

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ZHZ901833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Here comes Big Boss.

Can't wait, I am so enthusiasm.

Abriael1833d ago

beyond misleading. It makes it sound like the stream is already happening.

Tony-Red-Grave1833d ago

I am so damn disappoint ater going and seeing the stream not up.

yellowgerbil1833d ago

even more misleading is the title. By saying Metal Gear Solid I thought they were talking about the remake that Kojima wanted then heard nothing about. Anyone know whether that is still happening?

REAL11833d ago

What time does it start on the west coast.??

GrandpaSnake1833d ago

i know most of you guys want tgs for mgs5 but im going crazy just waiting for the next METAL GEAR ONLINEdont forget guys!!

Paul851832d ago

So pumped for this game!!!

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