Shipments of Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 Already Top 2 Million

Capcom has announced that shipments of its Monster Hunter 4 game for Nintendo 3DS in Japan have exceeded two million units, the highest ever for any third-party Nintendo 3DS title in Japan!

[Official Press Release Version]

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jc485731647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

this is by far the only franchise where Capcom can make millions in a short amount of time. w/o it they would've been long gone if it weren't for the Japanese gamers' love for monster hunting.

Godmars2901646d ago

Pity they burned some of that profit on Lost Planet 3 then.

Bundi1646d ago

Capcom I'm not the only ones that make duds

GrandpaSnake1646d ago

would have been at least 3 million if it came out on vita too.

spok221646d ago

Crapcom doesnt like money

GrandpaSnake1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

what i want to know is what nintendo did to keep it this long away from the vita, because i know for a fact that would help the vita a whole lot and sony should be trying a lot harder to get it on the vita.

dark-hollow1646d ago



Bundi1646d ago

we don't know that, is a single Vita game that has crossed the 1 million mark?

Yep1646d ago

Uncharted Vita barely crossed the 1mil mark. I doubt this game would do well on the system.

Drithe1646d ago

They need to make one for the PS4 and allow six players. This game is a little too hard, heh.

1646d ago