World of Warcraft suffers huge losses

World of Warcraft has severely dropped in popularity over the past 7 months.

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ATi_Elite1769d ago

Burn this article!

WoW still has like 8 million Gamers even after the industry has been FLOODED with like *50 million MMO's and many are very very good.

Write a WoW doom and gloom article when they are under 500K

*Ok not really 50m but it just seems like it as a new MMO is released almost every other day

SnakeCQC1768d ago

Games should never be a massive chore to play. That sums up its biggest problem. It requires a massive amount of grinding. Most modern modern mmos don't ask for subscriptions and are far superior to WoWs dated grinding system. Something known as trend allows people to predict things

krontaar1768d ago

you DO know at least 80% of those 8 million "gamers" are just chinese dummy accounts, right?

thekhurg1768d ago

99.2719567% of all percentages on the internet are made up on the spot.

3-4-51768d ago

Not bad for a game released in 2004 made with 1999-2002 tech.

1OddWorld1769d ago

I left the game 6 months ago. Pandering to casuals has caused the game nothing but headachesover these past 4 years. Game can die and go down as the greatest game to be killed by casuals and the dumb moves to appease them.

Now lets all put our hands together for another casual POS called Kinect 2.Whogivesashitwewontbeusingit anyway. And how Microsoft tried to grab the casual audience and will now suffer the same fate.

Magicite1767d ago

I left cos simply felt no addiction left.

kizzle321768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

If WoW offered a F2P model like GW2 or Rift then I would definitely play and probably spend money on the cash shop every so often. I would imagine the active player count would spike dramatically if they offered all content availability and had a smart cash shop that wasn't overpriced...something that GW2 and Rift have got down perfect. Stuff isn't overly priced and the things they have to buy are things one would likely spend money on...not unlocking crap or putting up paywalls.

DDDGirlGamer851768d ago

8 Million strong? Maybe 8 Million in Total accounts, But what are the ACTIVE player numbers?

MRMagoo1231768d ago

It is not even 8 million now, last time they announced the amount of ppl playing it was like 7.6 million or something and that are losing around 500k a month minimum, the game is dying slowly and will be left with a couple million ppl that dont want to let go.

thezeldadoth1768d ago

lol. 8 million total accounts? you do know they peaked in active subs at 12 million, meaning the total is obviously over 12 million. Its at 8 million ACTIVE PAYING accounts.

DDDGirlGamer851768d ago

incorrect, Becuase game companies NEVER Share REAL ACTIVE NUMBERS!, Blizzard has never given out that number, I sure I'm counted in the that "8 Million" and i haven't played the game the game in 2 years

CheexInk1768d ago


Well you're wrong. If they were only ever releasing total number of accounts rather than active subscribers how would that number be going down?

thezeldadoth1768d ago

you are completely missing the point.

If at one point blizzard had 12 million players,

how....could blizzard have a possible of 8 million TOTAL ACCUMULATED....

since at wrath, they had 12 million ACTIVE...the accumulated number must AT LEAST be above 12 million.

GentlemenRUs1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Good... About time this game started loosing money, Who the hell pays £10 a month to play just ONE game online which can get boring fast!

Just make it F2P like Rift did and the game *might* become popular again!

SinglePlayer Project FTW!

Dan_scruggs1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

There is a difference between losing money and making less money. By now WOW has paid for itself 100 time over. To go FTP now when there is still 100 million a quarter to be made would lose them money.

thezeldadoth1768d ago

might become popular again? 8 million subscribers for an 8 year old game is awesome. This number will also shoot right back up to 10 million when the new expansion comes out.

GentlemenRUs1767d ago

8 Million humans? Nah...

You do know there's a lot of bots on WoW right? So its around the 1.5 million mark of REAL players ;)

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