Grand Theft Auto V Radio Station Soundtrack – Full List Broken Down by Stations

We’ve been hearing a lot of people asking about the GTAV soundtrack, who is on it and which stations to listen to, so PSLS has compiled every single radio station and every single artist, musician and talkshow host in GTAV, so you can choose the perfect playlist for driving, killing and hiding. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1827d ago

This is excellent, now I can figure out which stations i do want to listen to, instead of endlessly cycling.

xHeavYx1827d ago

No metal, no hard rock, and I can't even use my own music =/
I guess it will be engine music for me

BiggCMan1827d ago

I want to learn the songs though, cuz i'm not into music in general so even they chose popular current songs I wouldn't know them.

This time around I wanna try and learn some songs on each station and see what I like. I always pass on radios in GTA games and always turn them off immediately, even in the god like sound track of Vice City.

I actually don't even know the sound track to VC because back then, I hated music while I was playing video games XD I still do, but i'm gonna try and change that for GTA V at least.]

deep_fried_bum_cake1827d ago

Pretty much how I feel too. As crap as the soundtrack to GTA IV was, it still had great driving songs like Heaven and Hell, Cocaine and Funk 49. I mean there's some good stuff in the GTA V soundtrack e.g. Baker Street, Radio Gaga; but it's pretty lacking.

I also don't understand the aversion to metal.

badboy7761827d ago

This is why Rockstar should've included a Record store like True Crimes NY. Where we can go and buy CD's.

pompombrum1827d ago

And at least three rap/hip hop stations. Where is the love for metal fans?

kizzle321827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Yea definitely disappointed there is no 90's to now hard rock/metal/grunge/etc. Hell, you would almost have to be batshit crazy to not have Incubus, RHCP, Green Day, Sublime, Nirvana, 311, etc in a game featured in a SoCal playspace.

And no custom stations to that article stated earlier about how important the music was...not including these genre's of music is pretty disappointing.

Either way, not a huge issue but still saddens me... :(

EDIT: Deftones, Blink-182, The Offspring, No Doubt...the list goes on and on!!

TXIDarkAvenger1827d ago

Guessing your not playing on 360? Could have listened to your songs then.

xHeavYx1827d ago

As far as I know, neither version lets you use your own music

XboxFun1827d ago


I think what Anime is referring to is you can listen to your own music while you play any game for the Xbox 360.

mikeslemonade1827d ago

So far the GTA4 soundtrack is better. I've been listening to the pop station which is okay and there's a few good rap songs. The radio is too quiet in general in GTA5. I don't want to have to change the settings though because then I might miss certain dialogue or important sounds. They could have made it default on loud.

3-4-51826d ago

You can use your own music in any game you want on Xbox 360.

* Press the Xbox Button and go to music and pick the stuff you have loaded on your HD.

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Sev1827d ago

Yeah, I really didn't care for the soundtrack as much as I have in the past. Nothing will ever compare to Vice City IMO.

I've enjoyed the West Coast rap station, but I've now heard every song five or six times within a couple hours of playing.

Want to be entertained? Listen to one of the talk radio stations.

kizzle321827d ago

Vice City definitely had the best stations in my opinion...maybe it was just because it was nostalgic and pretty simple to find one hit wonders to throw on the radio for them based on the time period.

doctorstrange1827d ago

Rockstar always loves Phil Collins

Emilio_Estevez1827d ago

Space 103.2 for Eddie Murphy, awesome
WC Classic, def some classics there.
Los Santos Rock Radio - love me some Seger, Foreigner and Queen

Always skipping non-stop-pop

That is quite the soundtrack

AlexanderNevermind1826d ago

Yeah its not bad at all. they can never please everyone, but I did almost fall out my chair when I heard Party All the Time. Haven't had enough time to listen to all the stations but I like just about anything (Rock, Rap, some pop) and I think they did a decent job.

TRD4L1fe1826d ago

whoa whoa whoa! i will have that station on all the time is "party all the time" is on it

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1827d ago

West coast classics can't beat abit of Dr dre and snoop dogg

badboy7761827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

THey need some Biggie.

Big Poppa
MO Money MO Problem's

I'm not impressed with GTA V's Soundtrack.

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