LA Game Space Launches Experimental Game Pack Fundraiser

LA Game Space, a non-profit center for videogame art, design, and research has launched a new fundraising game pack featuring over 30 new games by diverse and award-winning creators.

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staticjoe1675d ago

33 total games for $15 isn't bad, even if you have to wait for some of them

kefkah1675d ago

Hell, I spent $15 on steam the other day for just one game. 30+ games probably would have been the better investment for time killing.

caution41675d ago

There looks to be a lot of little micro gaming fun here. For the price of a movie and popcorn, I'm sure I'll walk away happier

kefkah1675d ago

Stuff like this sometimes yields a diamond in the rough. In this case, could be several diamonds.

Wormwood1675d ago

And even if there are a few less than wonderful games, its still a chance to broaden your horizons in gaming!

staticjoe1675d ago

Broaden them or make you go mildly insane. Good either way!

Grayn1675d ago

This is a great way to show support to small and emerging developers, known indie devs and give to charity. Win all around!

xseven1675d ago

It'll be interesting to see what all comes out of LA/GS once it's FULLY OPERATIONAL!

/evil laugh