Phil Spencer Teases Unannounced Xbox One Exclusive Japanese Title, Talks CPU Upclock, Cloud and More

Microsoft's Phil Spencer is definitely one of the men that are more "hands on" with Microsoft's upcoming console Xbox One as the Head of the company's Game Studios, and today he gave some definitely interesting pieces of info on what's waiting for us this November, and the Japanese audience next year including an unannounced exclusive Japanese title.

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Software_Lover1792d ago

I thought they were giving up on Japan?

Abriael1792d ago

They sure never said that.

mewhy321792d ago

I don't recall that they were saying they would give up on Japan. But they are struggling mightyly in the land of the rising sun. Dont you love how he dodges the questions about price and performance? LOL This guy is the spin miester!! Fact remains that most of the consoles aren't and won't be connected to the web so the powwa of the cloud can't be properly utilized by devs. That leaves the bone underpowered to take on the mighty PS4. So you're still stuck with paying 100.00 more for inferior performance and hardware. Yeah that's one of the questions he tried to spin LOL. It's laughable really.

abzdine1792d ago

"Spencer had a meeting with some Japanese developers about the release of Xbox One in Japan. He intends to develop an exclusive title in collaboration with those developers. It will be announced officially closer to the Japanese launch of the console."

this means one thing: Kinect game! No way a Tales of or a Star Ocean will be announced a few days before console release.

Gaming1011792d ago

They would certainly never explicitly say they were giving up on anything, but actions tend to speak louder than words. When you see a lack of Japanese targeted games, with most development being targeted to western audiences, you can't be surprised when your Japanese numbers are lousy.

P0werVR1792d ago


"Fact remains that most of the consoles aren't and won't be connected to the web so the powwa of the cloud can't be properly utilized by devs."

How is that when Japanese ISP provider not only provides an average speed twice as fast as Google Fiber yet at a lower price?!

If anything, cloud computing will be very lucrative their, IF Microsoft can "show" it's capabilities to Japanese developers.

How they did Xbox 360 before was doom from the start because treated it like western consumers. This time around the looking past gamers and targeting directly at their strengths, the developers.

gaffyh1792d ago

If MS wants to have any chance in Japan, they need to fully moneyhat a proper numbered Monster Hunter/FF/Dragon Quest. NOTHING else will work. It wouldn't be popular with most of us, but it is literally the only thing that will give them a chance.

P0werVR1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )


Very true, and given that PS4 has Deep Down on lock?! Oh boy, Japan for Microsoft is going to be tough.

I sure going to get a PS4 later just for Deep Down. Don't see NOTHING interesting other than that. The Order?!...ppffttt

schubacca1791d ago

@abzdine: How does the quote that you cited mean one thing, a Kinect title?

bakasora1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

If it's yet another JRPG blockbuster. I'm gonna scream, like in a bad way.

Ritsujun1791d ago Show
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Mystogan1792d ago

I'm guessing Lost Odyssey 2 or Blue Dragon 2

Abriael1792d ago

He talks about new devs, so they can't the Mistwalker

MWong1792d ago

Should be very interesting with M$ sales record in Japan. It would have to interest the western market. 2.18M units (XB & XB360 combined) sold doesn't inspire a large installment base for an exclusive Japanese title.

kakashi811792d ago

Me as well, I have both of the Original games!!!

walkincarpet1791d ago

while I think LO was the best JRPG game released this gen, it didn't equate to sales in Japan. I hope you are right though.

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dasbeer881792d ago

Timed exclusive. I'm betting ten bucks on that.

Dlacy13g1792d ago

Yes because Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon were timed exclusives.... /s

thisismyaccount1791d ago


Yet... both games flopped "hard" in Nippon territory. The M$ Brand is not welcomed here, ppl. do not support foreigner products.

Sony is from Japan, they release something new ppl. get at least some interest in buying one of their products. Xbox sounds stupid as a name, it never had a chance... ffs! Even the PS1 was outselling the Original Box when that piece of HTPC was released.

Simply put :

Nobody gives a fuck about Mircosoft in Japan, XBOX.

Vaud-Villian1791d ago

None of that has anything to do with his comment.

H0RSE1791d ago

lol, exactly. It's like he couldn't argue his point, so he brought up an entirely different one.

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ZHZ901792d ago

Maybe they did give up but doesn't mean they won't do something special to make Japanese gamers to buy Xbone.

I think that title would be maybe from Osaka studio?

I doubt this will be from P* (I think there was a rumor about this).

Sarick1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

From what I've been reading for Microsoft to get respect in Japan they'll need create a offices or factories in Japan and fill it with locals workers. That way it becomes at least a partial Japanese business.

3-4-51792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Microsoft releases:....................

Mokepon !

A Wild Don Rattricka appears

Jury1792d ago

No. Japan gave up on them.

Chaostar1792d ago

Maybe Sony has special schools that 're-educate' Japanese gamers who like Xbox?

Joking obviously.

AngelicIceDiamond1792d ago

@Software they weren't planning to. But Japan is not one of there primary markets. They'll probably do a light launch over there.

It's great they have an exclusive. I suspect MS to release its console in mid March, maybe the 15th.

With all that being said I personally don't MS can do much over there even with compelling software.

I Just don't see it happening.

Dlacy13g1792d ago

Nobody thought the iPhone would become popular in Japan either. Japan is a tricky beast but with Sony also delaying their launch in Japan the market for Japan isn't exactly settled. That said my gut tells me consoles will continue on the decline in Japan and mobile gaming will continue to grow.

andrewsqual1792d ago

Especially if they don't swallow their pride and simply NOT call it X box over there.

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windblowsagain1791d ago

No i'm sure Phil said they were giving it ONE more chance.

Or that could have been Michael Jackson.

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Ron_Danger1792d ago

My guess would be Super Happy Fun Time Dancing Dancing Panda Kinnect: We Love Japan Edition.

XboxFun1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

"He intends to develop an exclusive title in collaboration with those developers"

That is awesome, Phil putting his mouth piece to work and grabbing those games for the Xbox. I really hope it's a RPG or a hardcore hack 'n slash!

Also there is D4 coming too which I am very interested to see. I believe that is also a Xbox One exclusive.

The dedicated servers for every title )if a dev wants) is what is really exciting for me as a gamer. I know a lot of people complained about p2p in the past. Good to see that MS nipped that in the back off top.

Mike134nl1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Its already confirmed it won't be a first party jrpg.

Kayant1792d ago

CBOAT platinum games exclusive confirmed possibly? Hmmm... we will find out soon ;)

MasterCornholio1792d ago

I think its that as well.

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