PayPal scrambles for fix after freezing two more crowdfunded games

September hasn't been a great month for PayPal. The global payment processing giant first froze $45,000 of crowd-contributed funding for secure mail server Mailpile, then released the funds in the face of a great deal of media pressure. When Ars spoke to PayPal about the freeze, the company representative quickly noted that PayPal is a fan of crowdfunding and that the company's response to Mailpile's freeze—demanding the Iceland-based company provide PayPal with "an itemized budget" and "developmental goal dates," presumably to prove it's a real company—was not the optimal way to proceed when vetting a crowdfunding campaign. PayPal informed Ars that its new president has voiced his support for crowdfunding and committed to ensuring that PayPal's review processes don't stand in the way of crowdfunding campaigns.

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