Titanfall Will Be Showcased at the Xbox Booth at the Tokyo Game Show Using the PC Version

Electronic Arts officially announced the titles that will be showcased at Tokyo Game Show , but there’s an interesting tidbit of information hidden in the press release. While Titanfall will appear at Micrsoft’s Xbox booth, it won’t be the Xbox version of the game, but the PC version.

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Hellsvacancy1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Wow, can't even show the game running on the XBone, now that's weak

What is the real reasoning behind this?

Abriael1642d ago

Looks like EA prefers to show its games on PC, even if it's at the Xbox booth. They did the same with Battlefield 4 at PAX

Carheadbutt1642d ago

This is a pretty common practice right? I think this has happened a lot not just with EA

Abriael1642d ago

@Carheadbutt: It kinda is and isn't. It would be more common if it was at the EA booth, but being at the Xbox booth it's slightly shady, as it can trick people into believing that they're playing the Xbox version.

This time around they announced it though (even if it remains to be seen how many'll read it anyway), so it's better.

GiggMan1642d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Battlefield 4 has been shown on PS4 (at Gamescon). I'm thinking TitanFall is suppose to be "the" exclusive. Why hasn't MS demanded they show the definitive version of the game? (not my words but MS said Xbox One is going to have the best version of TitianFall)

Now I'm wondering if it's even going to be 1080p and 60fps...

black0o1641d ago

i think at this point all 3rd-party were shown on pc like COD

it's not just EA

mewhy321641d ago

Of course they're going to use the PC version LOL. I mean heck, you can make pong look good on a 3000.00 gaming rig!!! ROFL Give me a break.

ZHZ901641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Maybe they are scared to show Xbox One version because it's inferior to PC version?

JokesOnYou1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

ZHZ90, Yeah but why would that matter BF4 on ps4 will be inferior to pc, people understand this so why would they be scared to show it especially since this isnt a graphics intensive game. The obvious answer is they just have been working on the pc version much longer than X1 due to final X1 hardware so its easier to show their latest work on pc.

Evilsnuggle1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It has never be in 1080p it has always in last GEN 720p .all xboned games will be in 900-720p . But race games low graphic on xboned

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ajames3471642d ago

The only thing that comes to mind for me is that Xbox sales have always been weak in Japan, so maybe Respawn (or Microsoft more like it) decided to show off the game on PC so more Japanese people will be interested. That's my theory anyhow.

GmIsOnPt3601642d ago

PC version always superior, likewise for PS4 games that have alternative versions on PC. BF4 prime example blows away both next gen consoles.

JsonHenry1641d ago

So many disagrees for something that is so common knowledge. #butthurtfanboys

Highlife1641d ago

Yes pc version is better but that is why this is false advertisement. Is there going to be a sign saying this is running on pc?

KonsoruMasuta1641d ago

Unless it's poorly optimized and due to poor porting like some Console and PC games.

JsonHenry1641d ago

You want to put your best face on show. And of course that best face is going to be the PC version. (just the way it is, not slamming the X1)

Regis1641d ago

I didn't see xbox slamming in your statement so you might not get disagrees off that.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1641d ago

Mainly because they have more control over how it's played. This way things like frame drops or any technical limitations that may make the game look bad are gone.

ATi_Elite1641d ago


I understand DICE showing BF4 on PC's ONLY cause DICE is primarily a PC dev and they want to show off their Engine on the BEST hardware.

But Titanfall running on PC in a Xbox Booth is LAUGHABLE and purely Ridiculous.

at this point If I was a consumer I would just build a PC cause so many games have been demoed on PC's and I wouldn't want to buy a console version and see lower quality graphics, that would be disapointing.

Deadpoolio1641d ago

It wouldn't be that bad IF Micro$haft weren't so shady and didn't lie about everything. There is no reason that they couldn't show a PC version and say something like, While there isn't a playable build for the One80 version it will look like something along these lines.

But they wouldn't because they're all a bunch of greedy liars who obviously get off on misinforming their customers. Twice now they have been caught running all of their demos on PCs using Windows 7 and Nvidia graphics cards, and pretending that even flat out saying that they are running on One80 consoles.....

It's not the One80 that is the problem it is entirely the company selling the One80 that wants to pretend it's so much more than it is, instead of just coming out and saying we're proud of our machine it is what it is.

2cents1641d ago

"What is the real reasoning behind this?"

Let's see, the game isn't out till next year which means it is in development.

Secondly, pc is a completely proven development platform and a benchmarker of quality, therefore they would have no problem showing the goods on pc.

Third and most important, they are well aware of the attention that titanfall has garnered and that this is a big deal to both them and MS. It is a must that the first time it's shown on the Xbox that it is looking the very best that it can. With all of the late changes to specs and delayed drivers they are probably under obligation to get everything that they can out of the Xbox, because this game is going to be ripped to shreds the day Xbox screenshots and footage are released.

So if your them and your at TGS, you have two versions of your game. A PC version which it optimised extremely well on the comfortable pc development platform and a Xbox one version that is a first time development on a platform that is still being developed!
Hmm which would you choose to show?

The Xbox one version will be shown when they are ready to do so. The great thing is that when it does get shown, we will have an insane amount of comparisons against the PC version. That will be a good time to pass judgement, not now.

andrewsqual1641d ago

Eh, well they haven't shown it on Xbone yet? Why would at TGS be any different? It will be amazing if Kojima is there lying about MGS5 running on Xbone. Will lose all respect.

Deadpoolio1641d ago

Well since literally NOTHING has actually been running on One80s....And they have been caught twice now claiming their games were running on dev kits only to get caught running them on PCs with Windows 7 and Nividia graphics cards.....So chances are MGS isn't either

MYDEATH211641d ago

Makes you wonder if the Xbox One will even be ready to play games when it launches lol

Deadpoolio1641d ago

And that is exactly why I won't buy a One80 Micro$haft....I went through 4 360s this gen and wanted to make sure that they weren't going to have another 55% failure rate considering they knowingly released the 360 defective....

But now the way they keep right on lying about EVERY little thing, instead of standing behind their console saying the is what the Xbox One is, we will bring you the best possible games we can....But they don't, they just try to lie and scheme about every little thing trying to spread their misinformation to sell more consoles

thisismyaccount1641d ago

Is there a reason, why we have not seen any footage of :

TitanFall on XB1 (Direct Feed)
Forza 5 on XB1 (Direct Feed)

and many other XB1 games, except for Spark? Sony released 2x DirectFeed Trailers for Killzone and DriveClub (watch´em on your 42" TV), but we have not seen anything coming form MS.

Where is the Video of BF4 running on both consoles ? Time is running and many want to see how good or bad BF really looks...

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cell9891642d ago

of course xbone is not optimized yet

Godmars2901642d ago

Its in full production so it pretty much needs to be. Otherwise, at the very least, there's going to be launch day issues. Systems bricking after needing to be updated.

cell9891641d ago

what I dont like is that, they are marketing those PC visuals as if the xbone is running it, but in fact it wont be as good looking as the PC version. I really dislike Microsoft's marketing tactics. It is worrisome that at this stage, the game is not shown running on a proper xbone unit. This is the game thats giving the xbone some very much needed hype, youd think they'd prioritize this game to be the benchmark launch title.

JokesOnYou1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

No the game isnt out until next year and the devs have said just weeks ago that the hardware wasn't done yet. Which was true since that time X1 has been upgraded and later gone to full production. So why wouldn't they be farther ahead with optimization on PC since obviously the can do everything upfront with finished properly speced pc hardware?

-Whats funny is Titanfall according to everyone isnt a graphical beast that should run fine on even lesser hardware, hell COD Ghosts is 1080p 60fps and Titanfall is better looking than COD but neither of them are technical graphics game to push the hardware so clearly it running on PC at this stage is a matter of the devs being farther along with optimization for pc then X1, due to time constraints given its a early Spring 2014 release thats plenty of time to get X1 stuff so they can take their time with the new hardware. Why is it when anything is shown on pc instead of X1 for the same game its like a conspiracy or smoking gun? If they do this for ps4 no questions are asked.

cell9891641d ago

This will be the first time I've ever agreed with one of your statements

Hicken1641d ago

Make sense next time.

Einhert1642d ago

Its a simple fact of PC being more powerful and for marketing purposes they want to show off the best looking version of the game.

Its not strange at all, they have done it for the past 3 E3 events.

Godmars2901641d ago

So they're fully justified in presenting a product which they're technically not selling?

This is really no different than when they offered pictures and video of the PS3 version of FF13 because the 360 version had graphic issues.

That's why the Xbox brand has become worthless in Japan: between things like FF13 and content which was added to the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia MS lost any and all credibility there.

jeffgoldwin1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Thats the very least likely reasons why its never been popular in Japan. Obviously Sony shows off games using pc too, so they both guilty of it. Thanks for playing though.

Godmars2901641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"Obviously Sony shows off games using pc too"

Yes. Because Dynasty Warriors 8 in on PC...

Again, we're not talking about using a dev kit which is is a PC housing to run and show off the console version of the game, but the PC version of the game. One of those is mildly dishonest, the other wholly dishonest.

Einhert1641d ago

I wasn't justifying it, it is just a fact.

H0RSE1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"So they're fully justified in presenting a product which they're technically not selling?"

- Technically they are selling it, since Titanfall is coming to PC for Windows, which MS owns.

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Godmars2901641d ago

"I wasn't justifying it, it is just a fact."

Only with MS to that degree.

Sony might have shown off concept videos of Killzone and Motostorm but in each case they were early presentations meant to be target renders. What Sony hoped they could make the final product look like.

By contrast in this case MS is openly trying to push nearly finished code of one version of a game as another.

theWB271641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Quit that...Sony showed off Killzone and JACK TRETTON himself stated the Killzone footage was real.
At the 3:55 second mark he tells Keighley it's all real gameplay.

There is NO contrast...they are flat out telling everyone this is PC...Sony lied, Jack Tretton, lied about the Killzone footage.

No comparison... dishonest is dishonest. There is grey area so that Sony looks better.

byeGollum1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

so what? It will be the same game. . they have until spring to work on Xbox one version of TitanFall. . it simply means its not ready yet. . and, why wouldnt i show the PC version of my game when its the best looking version? also you can hook up an Xbox controller.

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zippycup1642d ago

so then i should buy a pc and a Xbox controller instead

although i already have a pc and use a ps3 controller so i am good right ???

byeGollum1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Well, you can choose to be retarded about your purchase, thats the beauty of PC, it gives you options.

GiggMan1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It's not ready yet? So the PC version is coming out before the Xbox One and 360? -_-

I'm probably wrong but the way MS and Respawn have been marketing this game you would think the Xbox One was the lead platform or something.

byeGollum1641d ago

isnt that good marketing?

younglj011642d ago

Ok this is strange with 2 months before their release I would think they would want to show it on their consoles to quiet all the rumors.this will only bring more rumors about the XB1...

NoLongerHereCBA1641d ago

Titanfall isn't coming out with the release, so that can be one of the reasons. But then everything they said about the Xbox One version being so great seems kind of void.

Here's to hoping they will show it soon :)