The Guy Behind Wii Head-tracking Responds to EA Pulling Feature from Boom Blox

During a recent Nintendo Media summit, EA announced that despite earlier promises of head-tracking in Boom Blox, Spielberg's game will ship without the feature.

What does Johnny Chung Lee, the guy who basically invented head-tracking via the Wii-mote, think of this surprise move? talked to him about the very subject.

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PS360WII3744d ago

cool stuff. Sure it isn't coming out next month but like he said it's only a matter of time

ItsDubC3744d ago

I was eagerly anticipating this feature in the game after seeing the video of this gentleman showcasing the possibilities of the technology. Agreed tho, it'll come eventually.

TruthbeTold3744d ago

Is that fish you have on your avatar a Cichlid?

M_Prime3744d ago

if it had head tracking they would need to selll a hat or something with it.. and u would need a second wiimote for teh feature to work.. so i dunno.. maybe it was a pipe dream of theirs