Five Grand Theft Auto Alternatives to Tide You Over

No cash or time to play Grand Theft Auto V, or is it not just your type of game? Well, here are five alternatives to tide you over until the hype dies down.

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LJO19891224d ago

You don't like GTA? Then here are 5 games to play instead....That are alot like GTA.

vivid831224d ago

if you have no cash or time how would buying five other games with no time to play help ???

My_Outer_Heaven1224d ago

Waiting for a PC or PS4 version myself.

Moncole1224d ago

Sleeping Dogs is way better than GTA.

fattyuk1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

"Sleeping Dogs is way better than GTA."

You really must of put some hours into GTAV in the past day or so for that comment,

Moncole1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Sorry if I offended you with my opinion. I said GTA not GTA V, I am able to find Sleeping Dogs to be a better series and I cant wait for the sequel.

XB1_PS41224d ago

Sleeping dogs is good, although I like the story and feel of GTAV way more. I would venture to say Sleeping Dogs > GTAIV though.