San Andreas Then & Now: GTA V Comparison

Vultra TV writes:

"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas set standard that will forever lie in history. How does GTAV's return fair for the amazing region?"

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Blaze9291619d ago

almost makes me want to play San Andreas again. While riding around GTAV I couldn't help but to feel some areas looked REALLY familiar

JasonXE1619d ago

I remember playing SAMP, OMG that was the pre GTA Online we're about to receive October 1

AridSpider1619d ago

I wonder if CJ will make an appearance in GTAV. Or any old San Andreas characters for that matter. I thought I saw Big Smoke in a trailer...but didnt he die?

ZBlacktt1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I took this picture back in 2004 when the game came out. That old school Samsung projection 55" TV, lol. Odd seeing no PS3 there on the right either. Just had my PS2, PS1 and Intellivision console out at the time. With the VCR and DVD players up top.

Blaze9291619d ago

nice set up lol, i love those paintings/pictures

ZBlacktt1619d ago

I got those in the mid 1990's. I still have them, just don't hang them up anymore, lol.

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