Watch Dogs Challenges GTA 5, Says "Two Months Are Enough to Visit Los Santos"

"You just had to figure that one or the other open world game developers would have something to say on the day of Grand Theft Auto 5's release."

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ZBlacktt1834d ago

Fun factor, trolling = GTAV. Extreme realism graphics and game play with a huge technical twist = WD.

Both played mostly in the city. But very very far from being alike at all.

Spinal1834d ago

Fact: GTA 5 is going to go down as one of the best of the generation.

Watch Dogs most likely won't be considered in that list.

Don't get me wrong watch dogs looks good but not GTA 5 good. Watched many gameplay vids for WD an there's factors like having to do eagle eye thing by hitting a base to unlock an area for hacking. The repetition with that won't go down well.

H0RSE1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

To be fair, GTA also has an established fanbase and 4 previous games in the franchise, whereas WD is a new IP... If it was a case of GTA 5 being under a different title and being a completely new IP as well, I don't doubt the reception of the community would be different.

Personally, I'm not a huge GTA fan. I don't really like playing the "bad guy" in games, like a criminal committing crimes - I more enjoy like playing the hero or the vigilante do-gooder. This is also why I didn't really like Payday. That's not to say that they aren't well made, just not my cup of tea. I imagine I would probably have more fun playing WD.

ZBlacktt1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Fact: Same thing happened to GTAIV and it turned out to be god awful. That game killed the rating system. So many BS 10's.... same thing is happening all over again. Look at it, it's the exact same game play. But with a new map, new players and looks much better! Nice to see it go back to the SA days for sure.

I wont even compare a this Gen game to a Next Gen game. That's not even fair at all. Wait until you see a Next Gen game first before you go around posting opinionated responses. For some of us have already seen them and played them. Besides again, these two games have zero to do with each other. Disagree all you want. If GTAV was so good to you. Then you wouldn't be on here disagreeing. You'd be off playing it.

Again, WD ( Next Gen ) is going to blow you away in visuals and game play. Night and day. It so nice to have seen both, lol. :D

Tskales1834d ago

People who enjoy open world games will get both of these. GTA fans especially will be interested in Watch Dogs due to the similarities.

The two can co-exist peacefully.

Rainstorm811834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )


So you're putting watch dogs on a pedestal before you play it...then say GTA5 is the same as GTA4?

Your credibility is lost GTA5 gameplay will trump WD gameplay....plain and simple fact is WD is a current gen game on next gen consoles.

Besides Rockstar has proven themselves time and time again...even with GTA 4 it wasn't the perfect game...yet its still one of the realest worlds this generation....Ubisoft has a long way to go to be compared to R*s open worlds..but WD does look fun...

Great time for gamers who love open world games...but zblack you act as if people haven't seen Watch Dogs

pompombrum1834d ago

I'm sure we will all be ready for Watch Dogs come release and I bet it will be great. Still, lets be realistic here, going by everything we know, in 12 months time we will all most likely be returning to Los Santos because of how well designed the mp sounds.. going by what we know about Watch Dogs, can anyone really say the same?

thechosenone1834d ago

Sorry but MP in GTA looks amazing I'm going to be playing that for a long time to come. C:

RexFury1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

To a majority of the people above talking as if this game is ONLY on next-gen consoles. It is actually being released on Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. Just compare it to this gen's versions.

Pintheshadows1834d ago

'Look at it, it's the exact same game play.'

ZBlacktt hasn't played GTA5. Go get informed before spouting nonsense please.

warczar1834d ago

I had to set down GTA 5 so I could disagree with Zblacktt

Boody-Bandit1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Watch Dogs + GTA V = buy them both. Play them both. Have a great time.

At least that's what I plan on doing.

Spinal1834d ago


The gameplay of GTA 5 far superior to GTA 4.

They too the Shooting mechanics from Max Payne 3 which was amazing, the driving mechanics for Midway Club Drive (whatever that games called lol) and the Weapon wheel and exploration of Red Dead.

The game shits on GTA 4 in every single aspect. The story already for me is more interesting than GTA 4 which bored me with the first couple missions.

noctis_lumia1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

and how u know that ?
you have super powers that can bring you in the future and play the game ?

thought so...wait for the game
play it
make up ur mind
judge it
then talk


windblowsagain1833d ago

Personally i think open world games are overrated.

Like they get their own score system or something.

I've played most open world games.

I prefer Infamous.

Powers.story, etc.

I got bored with GTA4 very early and took it back, Maybe GTA5 is awesome. But reviews of GTA4 said the same thing.

spicelicka1833d ago

I don't think it's just that. GTA V just has a certain magic that appeals to everyone and it's what GTA is known for. Their approach is always epic and excessive with crazy attention to detail.

Watch dog looks amazingg but it's gonna be counted as a nex-gen title which means it's gonna be critiqued a lot more heavily. But knowing what Ubisoft did with assassin's creed, i have a good feeling it's gonna be an amazing new franchise.

JC_Denton1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

All Rockstar Games releases have one key flaw that holds them back from ever being remembered in gaming history as anything more than controversial, "fun to mess around in" open world games: Immaturity. Each game features blatant social commentary that a teenager could've thought up, and the story-lines are cliche retellings of the the same story that defines whatever genre the game is apart of. Red Dead, for example (while a brilliant technical achievement) was heavily reminiscent of my later feelings towards Bioshock Infinite (in that it was a pseudo intellectual, incredibly easy game (yes, even on the hardest difficulty) designed for mainstream teenage audiences and video game journalists).

I have tons of fun playing these games when they first come out, but once the credits roll, I expend maybe a minute of thought thinking about the game I experienced, shrug, and play something else. I also find the gimmicks and "one time, fun time" events that are always sprinkled throughout their games to get boring incredibly fast, and that the always easy gameplay gets stale and repetitive fast.

(not saying Watchdogs will be any better, by the way)

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raWfodog1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Why even compare two games that have different baselines?

If anything, compare Watch Dogs with Assassins Creed 4 or The Division which both will be available on PS4 and also have vast open worlds. AC4 even features stealth gameplay like some aspects of Watch Dogs.

edit: punctuation

pompombrum1834d ago

You missed "said no one ever" at the end.

XB1_PS41834d ago

You haven't even played it!! Why do people do this? I don't get it. GTAV is amazing. I haven't played WD. I'll save me thought on that for when I play it.

harrisk9541834d ago

I'm not defending either game. I just got my copy of GTA V and have pre-ordered WD for the PS4. However, it simply defies LOGIC to say that a game that is still 2 months away from release is better or worse than another game. It is silly. WD will sell a lot of units for sure and I am going to assume that it gets great reviews, but who the heck knows at this point? There is NO WAY you can make this statement based upon what a developer/publisher releases to the gaming media. You need to play the game yourself and see how it is. We've seen too many games that are hyped prior to release fall flat (Aliens:CM, anyone?)

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3-4-51834d ago

ok, I'll still be playing this game 3-5 years from now like I was with GTA 4.

dj3boud1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Watch Dogs has nothing on GTA V... nothing!

Ubisoft mentioned before that they want to start a yearly franchise from watch dogs.. like assassin's creed or CoD.. how did that turn out like for quality? huh?

Quality beets quantity friends.

SpitFireAce851833d ago

After playing GTA 5 for 10 hrs so far most fun I had this gen and you can't
Beat the sense of humor of a GTA game 10/10 great game.

yeahokchief1834d ago


Watchdogs doesn't even come close to the level of class R* has. Give me a break. Go away.

Magicite1834d ago

Watch Dogs is a new IP and must yet prove itself, while GTA has been acclaimed since times of first playstation, not saying its bad or wrong.

360ICE1834d ago

Small technical gimmick, more like

Irishguy951834d ago

From previews alone of both games, you can tell GTA is superior gameplay wise. Watch dogs hacking is a gimmick, the game will be extremely easy and repetitive like Assassins creed.


absolutely not. watch dogs has proven nothing with its trailers. you talk about realistic* graphics, but have you seen the ps3/360 version of the game? looks like a PS3 launch title. the people at R* on the other hand wont even talk about a next gen released because theyre so focused on the current gen version of the game.

this is just a new kid in town talking tough shit. wait till the game is released.

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sourav931834d ago

Trolling level = Aiden Pearce

raresteak1834d ago

Sure, for those that haven't forgotten about WD may visit for a week or two. Within that timeframe it may rack up some 80-90% average review scores.

Then, even with next-gen already released, people are still going to be on GTA V for years on.

Good luck, Ubisoft.

LucasEVille1834d ago

Plus a "relaunch" of GTA V onto next gen. Nothing can compare to GTA in any generation.

raresteak1834d ago

Yeah, and after the next-gen versions it's a matter of years til R* do a fully next-gen GTA which is really inconceivable at this point, but it's becoming their routine defining open-world again and again now.

DragonKnight1834d ago

Why are you guys overhyping GTA to the point that you sound like it's the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming ever?

Xenial1834d ago

Hmmm, not going as far as to say that, But GTA V is nothing less than revolutionary. R* Fanboy, GTA fanboy or not. Anyone that truly knows their facts about this game would at least have to admit that. This game is amazing.

DragonKnight1834d ago

Revolutionary:- Adjective - "radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.: a revolutionary discovery."

GTAV isn't radically new or innovative, it isn't outside or beyond established procedure or principles. How is it revolutionary then?

dj3boud1834d ago

@DragonK you have no opinion of your own so you run to your dictionary? pfff. pitiful.

LucasEVille1834d ago

Short of sonic 1 & 2 on mega drive and minecraft on pc - GTA is the best thing to happen to gaming for me in my own personal wants and needs.

Pintheshadows1834d ago

'outside or beyond established procedure'

Having three characters with intelligently structured story and gameplay which then effects the mission structure as a result is beyond the established procedure.

I like the way all the people who couldn't get their hands on GTA5 are just acting bitter.

DoctorJones1834d ago

DragonKnight, have you actually played GTA5?

DragonKnight1834d ago

@dj3boud: So words are opinion based now?

@LucasEVille: That's cool. Cheers.

@Pintheshadows: No, no it's not. Are you actually trying to say you've never heard of any game that had more than 1 main character that affects the main story? Because I immediately had one game spring to mind after you made this comment. Also, who's bitter? What I find funny is that you are all indirectly admitting (except for LucasEVille who was direct about it) that you are hyping GTA V to be the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming. This tells me that you either have low standards, or haven't been gaming long. How was me asking a question, and then replying to an incorrect word use bitter?

@DoctorJones: Does my playing GTA V or not affect whether or not it is revolutionary?

warczar1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

just wondering what you do consider a revolutionary game? you're not very specific in all your replies as to what games you feel are revolutionary.

DragonKnight1833d ago

@warczar: That's because I wasn't the one that claimed a game was revolutionary. I think the truly revolutionary games have already happened. That's not to say that they can't happen again, but nothing about GTA V is so totally new and different that it's a revolution in gaming. It doesn't have the largest open world, the gameplay mechanics are standard GTA fare, there have been other games that have had multiple main protagonists whose personal stories affected the overall story.

I mean, do you honestly think that GTA V stands up there with games like Wolfenstein 3D which practically put first person shooters on the map by itself? Is it as innovative as Donkey Kong Country was when it released? Does it change gaming the way the very first online console game ever released did? Or what about the very first 3D game on consoles?

When history looks back at GTA V, do you honestly think people will say "this changed gaming in ____ ways" or will they say "this was the pinnacle of the Grand Theft Auto series at the time?"

What part of GTA V do you think will change the direction of how games are made in the future? GTA WAS a revolutionary series, which explains the clones it had last generation and coming into this generation, but what does GTA V do that is so radically new and different?

When I think of revolutionary games, I think of Final Fantasy VII that brought global appeal for the JRPG genre. I think of the aforementioned Wolfenstein 3D. I think of Halo CE, which really brought competitive FPS games to consoles in a huge way. I think of GTA 3 SA which is the pinnacle of the GTA series and hammered home how impressive an open world console game can be.

Do you honestly think that GTA V can stand with those games that did so much for gaming? Do you honestly think that it can be compared as being as revolutionary as that?

I never once said that GTA V was a bad game, but of course if you don't immediately pledge your undying love and soul to a GTA game then you're a hater. I don't care if people love or hate GTA V. I'm saying that it's not a revolutionary game, it's not the greatest thing to happen to gaming, and people that create this kind of hype are a huge problem in the gaming industry because it affects future titles and the expectations that are placed on those titles. This in turn drives up production and marketing costs and creates nothing but a mess of problems.

History backs that up folks.

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sigfredod1834d ago

Actally i´m pumped to visit Chicago aswell

Einhert1834d ago

Watch Dogs is talking big for an unproven product, tbh to me watch dogs interaction simplicity is what lets it down for me.

Its pretty much running around pressing X or square to hack everything instantly, one button press contextual actions as well taken straight from assassins creed.

Thats how it looks, IDK it could be great actually playing it.

ZBlacktt1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Best selling PS4 Bundle made is WD. As if playing GTA is any different then all the other GTA games? I think we both know that answer. They both have their place and have nothing to do with each other at all. People just like drama and getting hits to their site stories. Not even worth the debate. :)

Lukas are you that clueless? Go look at AC games.... different times and different Assassins in completely different worlds. You have zero credibility to me now. I was playing GTA when people had no clue about it. I'm more then aware. Time to take the fanboy game glasses off and see it for what it really is. Heck stay with the game for all I care... I'll be the the huge movement to Next Gen day 1.

GarrusVakarian1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

"As if playing GTA is any different then all the other GTA games? I think we both know that answer."

I find that INCREDIBLY ironic coming from someone who loves Assassins Creed.........

And for you information, ive been playing GTA5 all day today and it is NOTHING like GTA4. Apart from the fact its a sanbox game. You seem to know so much about GTA in your comments but something tells me you haven't played GTA5 at all.......

What, just because its called GTA and is a sandbox like the rest of the games, then they are all automatically the same? Flawed logic is flawed.

Rainstorm811834d ago

Lmao @ "Go look at AC games.... different times and different Assassins in completely different worlds"

Go look at GTA games different characters different worlds different eras....if you think GTA3 and GTA4 or GTA:SA and GTA5 worlds are the same, it is you my friend who has no credibility.

As a big fan of the open world sandbox genre...Ubisoft games have a long way to go to compete with Red Dead let alone GTA.

BTW I'm gettin Watch dogs and Black Flag at launch on PS4....totally unbiased here....but you seem to have a grudge with the GTA series

GarrusVakarian1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

"time to take the fanboy glasses off"

Again, extremely ironic judging from your blind love of AC. Ive played every AC game, 1000 gamerscore on AC2 (one of my favourite games), apart from location, they are ALL the same, same quests, same graphics, same mechanics, same animations. AC4 looks like the rest...but with nicer visuals and a different setting.

Ill be joining next gen day 1 too, but for now ill play the most detailed, ambitious and fun packed open world game ever my opinion of course.

"You have zero credibility to me now"

Why? Because i have a different opinion? Whatever, lol.

ZBlacktt1834d ago

Rain, you should try and finish a game first, lol. Damn never seen so many started games and dropped outs before. You must really have short attention span and you like open world games?

spaceg0st1834d ago


Lol, so that's what 'talking out of your ass' sounds like.

Rainstorm811834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Finish a game? what are u saying?

I've beaten every game that holds my attention....if it doesn't on to the next one

Honestly I probably do that's what makes open world sandbox games so can play the story or go do the many other things in the world that catches your attention.

Pintheshadows1834d ago

Close your mouth please ZBlacktt before you drown us all in nonsense, albeit amusingly ironic nonsense.

Haha. No you weren't ZLiar. The original GTA was an immediate hit on PC and hugely publicised. Anyone who picked up any gaming publication knew about it months beforehand.

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