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PL - "We'll be 100 percent honest, this is not a real PS4 you're looking at. It's an empty shell - well, nearly - that is used by magazines and websites to get photos of the console before the real hardware is ready. While that means we can't do much reviewing, it does mean we get to do two cool things. First, we get to see what the box will look like, and second, we can compare it to our PS3 slim."

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mewhy321762d ago

The PS4 is one sexy animal.

MWong1762d ago

Yes, it is. I can't wait to use the DS4, it just looks more impressive and will fit better in my hands.

Campy da Camper1762d ago

This would be a perfect time for a gif of the 'mine!' birds.

I'm too lazy to find them on my phone, though.

My_Outer_Heaven1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

More like one sexy beast.

quenomamen1762d ago

Anybody got an idea what the drag coefficient on this is ? I'm thinking .15 - .20
Looks like it can cut through air and peoples bank accounts with no problem. Hopefully doesn't tear throug mine too bad. Sexy

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BG115791762d ago

The console looks and feels really solid.
Tomorrow at the TGS Sony will reveal more specs about the PS4.

Tooly1762d ago

18th is mainly focused on japan the 19th is the keynote thats when theyll probably go into there last mean reveals

FullMetalTech1762d ago

I hope we get to see the GUI alot more this time around for TGS even though it probably wont be in english text.

Animal Mutha 761762d ago

An empty shell?

I didn't know Sony sent those out. Seems a bit pointless. Just send out or loan working dev units like MS did.

Kayant1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

It's a hands-on preview of the hardware for the public why do they need to send a devkit for that if they are just loaning to show off how the hardware looks. They aren't playing games. MS did the same with so news outlets as well. What's the issue here?

Also keep in mind PS4 devkits look different to actual retail units not the same with MS as Panello said XB1 devkits and retail consoles are the same --->

sandman2241762d ago

When will local retails get demos of the ps4 in store for consumers to plAy or at least put there hands on the controllers. I want to feel the controller in my hand. Same for the Xbox one. I want to feel the the controller in hand these videos don't do Justice to feeling the controller in hand.

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