DICE Q&A: Battlefield 4 and the Power of a New Generation

Xbox Wire held an exclusive interview with Patrick Bach, Executive Producer on “Battlefield 4” from award-winning developer DICE.

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Mr Tretton1829d ago

That 720p next gen power!

thechosenone1829d ago



"To clarify: BF4 running at a higher resolution than 720p in the PS4 dev environment. Final resolution when the game is optimised at launch!"

dantesparda1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I agree with both of you, "That 720p next gen power!" and "720p on X1"

Next gen so far is not looking to impressive to me. Low res'es, unimpressive framerates. I remembered how good Watchdog looked when they first showed it, and you look at it now, and it looks low res and sh*tty to me. BF4 single player unveil was incredible, then you look at the game now and its MP mode barely looks better than BF3s, just slightly higher res (but still low res looking). Killzone's SP mode looks incredible, but im waiting to see if there's a cacth to that too. KI 720p, Ryse 900p and struggling to reach 30fps, DC & KZ's MP mode striving to hit 60fps, AC4 30fps on SP mode, and now Im hearing that the Order 1886 is running at 800p.

Unimpressive CPU's in both systems at riduclously low speeds, and a barely adequate GPU in the PS4 (and definitely not adequate GPU in the X1). Phony claims of cloud computing. And the list goes on, color me unimpressed. Im still getting the PS4, but I in no way am a delusional fanboy and think these systems are god's gift to gamers.

Hopefully Im wrong and theese system prove me wrong, but so far I've yet to see it

On a ligher note, I love me some BF, cant wait

GraveLord1829d ago

You misread my comment, Jack. We're talking about the Xbone.

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dantesparda1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Clown! This is what fanboyism does to you


admj831829d ago

the order is running at 1920x800 because it has a 2.40:1 aspect ratio like the movies with the black bars up and dow,.nothing to do with performance. Make your research before post.

XboxFun1829d ago

Can't wait for my Xbox One!

byeGollum1829d ago

me too :) that dedicated servers :D

KingWookiee1828d ago

Those dedicated servers are amazing! Without them we would have to play BF4 with crappy P2P connection... Oh wait

ZBlacktt1829d ago

Can't wait to play the game!

Hufandpuf1829d ago

I can't wait until fanboys shut the hell up.

obelix011829d ago

Yes but the Sony fanboys are the most irritating & obnoxious.

CGI-Quality1829d ago

Sure, if you wear a pair of glasses that forces you to see things from one side. For many of the rest of us, partisan fans from all sides are equally annoying.

OT: The wait for this game is crazy! Can't wait to have it!

dantesparda1829d ago

Thank you CGI

All fanboys are the same. MS fanboys think they are so much better though. Pompous bastards.

obelix011829d ago

Well I for one don't go to the Sony area & simply trash their articles for the sake of it. Nor do I put the ps4 down. I just prefer the X1. Its obvious though Sony fanboys troll every Xbox 1 article they can regardless of the content. Yes its very very old.

leogets1829d ago

f**king fan boys.. why do they even exist....

Regis1829d ago

Its because of competition and so that one console will push the limits... oh who am I kidding fanboys suck to call themselves gamers this is a definition of gamer "To make fun of; ridicule: to make game of the weak and defenseless." or this one "To act honorably or justly" These are idioms.


titletownrelo1828d ago

because its physically impossible to admit that BOTH competitors have their PROS and CONS.

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