Eight Tips For Starting Grand Theft Auto V

As a newcomer to Los Santos, you may feel overwhelmed by the region's massive map and large number of activities available upon your arrival. After spending more than 40 hours in the city, I've got some advice that should help you get on the right track to riches.

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SaulGoodman1827d ago

Tell work you're going on vacation for a month, go to the store and stock your fridge, pull the shades, put your feet up, take a deep inhale, and hit play.

shaun mcwayne1827d ago

I prefer to hit Start myself.
anyone else?

Pintheshadows1827d ago

Bit late for this now. I've played it for 18 hours already. My eyes hurt. I think I need sl... energy drink. Yes, that is what I need.

maximus19851827d ago

lol same here my eyes wore sore from how long and late i stayed up playing im at work...

Drekken1827d ago

I am like 6.5% into the game, I have no more missions on the map and I have no idea what to do next. I have wasted so much time trying to figure it out without anyone calling me. What should I do?

When I hit start and check mission brief it just says lose cops and get in your car. No cops are following me!!

SPOILER: I am at the part where I get the dog in my backyard.

nategrigs1827d ago

can you switch characters?

Drekken1827d ago

I didn't even know I had to switch. I just read about it and I will try after work.

nategrigs1827d ago

I haven't gotten to that part yet, so I don't know if that's your problem....just a thought