The Best Video Game Radio Stations

Did you guys know Grand Theft Auto V is out today? Oh, you skipped work and you're playing right now? Well, how's that radio sound?

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3-4-51831d ago

Listened to a few of them so far.

A couple are iffy so far, but I've only heard like 1-2 songs from most of them so it's not a true representation of all the tracks within the game.

* There was a nice Reggae channel and a pretty cool electronic music station and a hybrid electronc & something else station.

Still can't wait to hear more..

O and the talk radio stuff is just as good as always.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1831d ago

SSX 3 Radio Big... will always be my number one

ANIALATOR1361831d ago

way too much rap for my liking