GTA 5: How Grand Theft Auto has changed video games for the better

Post Arcade: "Rockstar’s morally ambiguous crime saga has delivered multiple meaningful evolutions both technological and – believe it or not – social to the world of games."

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AdmStevens1769d ago

The whole GTA series has been revolutionary especially due to the pretty much invention and popularisation of free roam worlds. At we love GTA and GTA V!

mattdillahunty1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

the GTA franchise did NOT invent open world video games. they did not even "pretty much" invent them.

pompombrum1769d ago

Rockstar have taken it to the next level on current gen technology. I'm not even that far into the game yet but it has already blown my mind. The depth and overall value for money contained in this product is completely unrivaled in the whole entertainment industry, let alone the gaming world.

XB1_PS41769d ago

I'm at work right now, yet I'm playing with Chop on my phone. Lol I can't get enough of it.

Summons751769d ago

The only thing GTA brings to the table is a modern open world setting and pretty graphics, that's it. GTA has no story to it, no character development, and no deep incentive to want to go through the story mission. No one ever buys GTA for the story, they buy it for the open world and the cheat codes (admirably one of the few games that still has them). They should have taken notes when they did RDR on how to make a character people can connect too and a story people WANT to see with the great open world GTA is known for.

abusador1769d ago

Gta5 is good but dont see much diff. From 4 and I got bored of tht fast, hopefully the online when it comes keeos me interested. Tlou still is my goty.

HarryB1769d ago

Man I ended up in a street like grove street but it had all ballas on the block anyone see grove street yet?

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