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Submitted by Yoshihiro 878d ago | news

West: Metal Gear 5's Quiet "looks like a naked little girl that needs to put her clothes on"

Metal Gear series' Meryl says that inclusion of sparsely-clothed mute female character "doesn't make sense" in Metal Gear universe, questions continuity with previous chapters. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, Xbox 360)

TongkatAli  +   878d ago
She is very erotic. I have no idea what she is talking about. You don't get it ? Maybe you should wait till the game comes out before you make your judgement's ? I know it sounds crazy.
Hufandpuf  +   878d ago
In that case no one should say anything about the game, negative or positive then.
Joe913  +   878d ago
Other than it looks bad ass. Really though I think what he is saying is Kojima and the art director said there is a good reason we just need to wait and see before we judge it.
cleft5  +   878d ago
You know full well what Tong means by that statement. People are jumping up and down over this Quiet character, calling it sexist, etc. Yet we know nothing about the vision that Kojima has or if he even has one. But people are jumping to some very harsh conclusion without any context at all.

It's one thing to have a reasonable discussion about the character, it's another thing altogether to go around saying Kojima is sexist, the game is sexist, or that this is typical of Japanese developers. The complaints of this game have been down right prejudice and racist against the Japanese. So it's not wrong for Tong to say that people should wait for the game to release before they start behaving in such an irrational manner.
jc48573  +   878d ago
you really can't blame them with the exception of hypocrites like the Halo 4 guy who commented on the design. I think Kojima coming out to explain will simply make things even confusing. We will see what KP has to show at TGS or more down the road.
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InTheLab  +   878d ago
Yet you've made up your mind that she's fine despite not playing the game?
TongkatAli  +   878d ago
I just said she was erotic when she said she wasn't. I didn't say she was "fine".
HammadTheBeast  +   878d ago

How about we focus on getting MTV, TMZ, and the rest banned first before bitching about slight nudity in a game.

FFS. This world.
CrossingEden  +   876d ago
Um, chances are that she is able to see WAY more of the game then we can. -_-
otakukidd  +   878d ago
Why do people forget sniper wolf. Its the same thing.
jc48573  +   878d ago
Sniper Wolf was really a hottie and wasn't Meryl in the same game?
Number-Nine  +   878d ago
one is completely stripped down to her bikini for the sole purpose of making her marketable, and the other one is dressed like she's dressed for battle with her shirt unzipped showing cleavage.

as ive said in other articles. kojima always made the female characters dressed a little edgy but it was done in a strong way. quiet's design is just was too over the top. her trashy design makes it hard to look at her seriously.
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jc48573  +   878d ago
over the top? Man, MGS is plenty over the top for me and Quiet might be only a small part of it.
KonsoruMasuta  +   878d ago
You have no knowledge of the real reason Kojima dressed Quiet the way he did so stop acting like it.
Lannister  +   878d ago
Exactly, Sniper Wolf is actually dressed more sexy and alluring because her outfit keeps you guessing and teases you with it's cleavage.

Quiet just looks silly IMO. I have a Yoji Shinkawa drawing of Sniper Wolf in full gear and it just screams sex. Waaayy more than any Quiet image I've seen to date.
camel_toad  +   878d ago
Women dress in so many different ways including provocatively so who's to say Quiet isn't that kind of woman? This whole thing is just ridiculous.
Rai  +   878d ago
really...I thought Sniper wolf actually wore clothes and her design looked closer to The Boss's white suit and Eva's brown one.
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Tundra  +   878d ago
Sniper Wolf is far from "the same thing". While I have nothing against the placement of sexual themes for women in games, this "Quiet" seems out of place for the MGS series imo. Sniper Wolf is erotic and has a great design, Quiet looks like a $2 hooker.
problemchild84  +   878d ago
What kind of world do we live in that $2 hookers no longer have a place?
Hicken  +   878d ago
Does she know Quiet's character? No? Then she can shut the hell up with all the rest.
FunAndGun  +   878d ago
Yeah, I'm sure if it was an almost naked dude in a jock you would feel the same way.
KonsoruMasuta  +   878d ago
No, he wouldn't. Nobody complained when Raiden was naked with nothing to cover his junk but his hands.

Or did people forget that?
Hicken  +   878d ago
I didn't complain about Voldo's codpiece all up in my face. I don't complain about Kratos, or Drake's dashing good looks and charm.

Oversexualized, hypersexualized dudes never meant anything to me in games. It was just a choice of character design. It MIGHT be relevant to the story, or it MIGHT just be cuz the creator's a freak.

But when it comes to Metal Gear, such things USUALLY have a story-centric reason. So why all this bitching and moaning? I mean, I KNOW why- cuz controversy is "good" news- but how are people.. how are GAMERS dumb enough to fall for this crap?
1OddWorld  +   878d ago
I wouldn't care either way. Its not up to anyone to decide how he creates his vision.
Haules  +   878d ago
Its just a freakin game! MGS allways had half naked girls. Thats nothing new....

So movies and games with gay/lez people is not a prob, but a half naked girl is?
jc48573  +   878d ago
Conan was right about the naked girls.
LewisDenby  +   878d ago
Are you suggesting that games and movies featuring homosexual people *should* be a problem? :/
I really loved the interview with West on Up At Noon and I think she is a great person and really down to earth but her opinion on Quiets revealing clothing is completely misguided. There is a logical explaination for her being dressed the way she is and I keep have to explain to people that it's because she gets tortured. Eva gets electrocuted by Volgin in MGS3 and her pantyhose burst into rips because of it and Quiet also gets electrocuted in the E3 trailer for MGSV and I guarantee she will not be dressed like that the entire game and I believe in the trailer is a the point where she escapes from whatever facility she was being held at. People need to stop overreacting over this.
chrissx  +   878d ago
It would be a slap on all these peoples faces when finally the game is released and quiet comes out as one of the top characters in d game
slinky123456  +   878d ago
It's in the desert. I can't think of a war movie that doesn't show one time a male character take his shirt off. It's in hot conditions, why can't a woman wear a bikini top. That's sexist of people to think a woman can't have a choice of clothing in any situation... See what I did there...

This woman is just proving to me that she has voiced the other MGS games, and not played them. Does she realize you can collect bikini model magazines in it too.
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MisfitsInc  +   878d ago
if Quiet happens to be a badass i don't give any semblance of a damn how she looks
patterson  +   878d ago
This should explain everything:

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Leo McCloskey
Leo owns a full set of Winnie the Pooh cuddly toys and has watched all of the first two series of Glee, yet is totally married to an actual woman. Also enjoys games. View all posts by Leo McCloskey →
tetsuhana  +   878d ago
"But once you recognize the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds."
-Kojima Hideo, 7 Sept.

Kojima has spoken, so everyone calm your tits
waltyftm  +   878d ago
Meryl ! Stop doing exercises in yer nik naks and just admit she looks hotter than your low count polygon ass.

P.S I still love you xxx
Rainstorm81  +   878d ago
I cannot believe this is STILL an issue
Asuka  +   878d ago
the real issue here is why everyone is still hung up on this. this is my last comment on any article related to this subject. im done.
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Summons75  +   878d ago
Meryl? The girl who pranced around in her underwear in the first game and got A** shots where the entire screen was simply her butt in MGS1&4? But someone tortured and left in the desert like that makes no sense....good one. Why don't we wait to see WHY she is dressed like that in game and how she dresses for the REST of the game before we make hypocritical comments like that?
Chapter11  +   878d ago
How dare she have an opinion different than ours! She needs to shut the hell up, the damn femnazi!
firelogic  +   878d ago
I don't know what kind of little girls she hangs out with, but Quiet looks like a voluptuous woman.
1OddWorld  +   878d ago
You have an ignorant person here. Freedom of expression in any art form is a good thing and that includes games. You don't like the art styling of Quite then don't buy it and shut your mouth you ignorant twat, and be glad when it comes time for you to create your vision no one can stifle your creativity.

Misogynistic my ass its a game in a future or past time where social climates have changed. Dystopian movies, comics and books always take the human species back to there most primal selves. I'm sorry you will be reduced to no more than what you are worth at face value and journalism wont be a man or woman's strong suite. You will be fighting for your life like the rest of us. You will either be a master or a slave. Depends on your physical and mental attributes. Using ones body to open a door or two to stay alive will be the norm again.

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