Is it Metacritic that seals the deal?

It would come as no surprise that Metacritic is still a big deal in the video game industry. Metacritic targets are assigned to internal development teams and studios, and we've even seen job ads mentioning such requirements. Metacritic itself attempted to assign career scores to developers.

Despite the video game industry making its way just fine during a couple of decades, passing by revenue the film and music industry without the need of review aggregators, Metacritic became something major and seemingly difficult to escape from.

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mewhy321707d ago

Not for me personally but I can see how it would affect the decisions of many people on what to purchase.

iamnsuperman1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

I used to think so but I think metacritic is having a lesser impact than what it used to have a few years ago. I feel more and more people trust a certain website's review of a game and follow that. Or they completely ignore that and go with the coolest looking advert they see.

I feel marketing dollars affect game sales much more than metacritic and to some degree the reviews themselves.

3-4-51707d ago

4-5 Professional reviews + 4-5 reader reviews + a quick look at the forums and a glance at Metacritic final Avg.

I usually do this ^, and then form my own opinion.

Software_Lover1707d ago

I have never been to metacritic. Have no intentions to.

blackstrr4111707d ago

Well you should. It rates agame based on an average of other critcs/peoples reviews. And me, personally its a must for me. Its our hard earned money

TheBossMan1707d ago

It's not supposed to be perfect. It simply aggregates a bunch of reviews from various outlets and tries to massage out individual biases as best as possible to give an overall single number that roughly represents how the average person will evaluate the game relative to comparable games. That said, if you hate racing games don't buy a racing game just because it achieves a high rating. Likewise, if a game in a series you love gets rated poorly there is a good chance you will still like the game since you know your own taste better than any outside party.

fsfsxii1707d ago

Only for idiots who rely on other's opinion to buy their games.

iamnsuperman1707d ago

Well what else is there. Demo's do not exist any more and we do have full game demo's but that is only a hour to try out a game (not long enough for a lot of games). Except for relying on what an advert shows the only other idea of what a game will be like is from a review

godofboobees1707d ago

Is Tom chick a credible reviewer?
Then no

famoussasjohn1707d ago

No because I've liked quite a few games that people haven't liked. I don't let another persons opinion dictate what I like or don't like.

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The story is too old to be commented.