Capcom to Reveal Unannounced Game at Tokyo Game Show

Capcom will be announcing an unknown game at the Tokyo Game Show, as reported by Angie Santiago of SpawnFirst

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XboxFun1469d ago

How about a new Ghouls and Ghosts! Or Power Stone!
A new Asura's Wrath or Dino Crisis would be boss too.
Mega Man, Breath of Fire or Darkstalkers...

Wow, Capcom has so many great IP's.

Lovable1469d ago

Screw that! We will give you more Super Marvelous Street Fighter 4.

gaffyh1469d ago

Whatever you hope for it won't be that. It'll end up being some shite like Lost Planet

Ranma11469d ago

They should make a single player breath of fire

T21469d ago

Wow I have only even heard of three of those

zerocrossing1469d ago

Not to mention Onimusha Warlords, Rival Schools, Mega Man and Mega man X, so much wasted potential... It's sad really :/

sephiroth4201469d ago

i agree rival schools! i dont know why they just forgot about that game, i enjoyed it a hell of alot more than sf4

nirwanda1469d ago

I bet its another devil may cry after the reboot from ninja theory to peak everyones interests then capom make a real next gen version.

Roccetarius1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

You mean a true DMC 5 game? Because that other game wasn't exactly brilliant.

Sevir1469d ago

It wasn't brilliant, but it was better than DMC4 and 2...

jeremyj29131469d ago

As much as I wish that were true, DMC has been put on hiatus :-(

3-4-51469d ago

Powerstone would be perfect for Wii U.

Elvfam5111469d ago

Super Dupa Ultra Deluxe Can't Compare Street Fighter 4

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EXVirtual1469d ago

Hmmm... I'm thinking it's a new MegaMan game created to directly combat Mighty No.9. Not so sure how it'll work out.

karamsoul1469d ago

Onimusha, come on DOWN!!!

godofboobees1469d ago

Rival schools rival schools rival schools............. or powerstone!!

nick3091469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

A new dmc that goes to the canon story, Or a new onimusha ,please!

Xsilver1469d ago

onimusha is all i want

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The story is too old to be commented.