Is Battletoads being revived?

Battletoads is one of several Rare franchises that fans have been asking for years. Back in its heyday, it was a very popular and very successful series that saw numerous releases on different consoles. The NES, SNES, Arcade, Game Boy and Amiga. There was even a few cross over games with Double Dragon that appeared on the SNES, Game Boy and even the Sega Genesis. And then it all just abruptly stopped, with no other games in the franchise having been developed and released in nearly twenty five years. There was a new title in the works for Game Boy Advance, but it was canceled for unspecified reasons. But now, it appears Battletoads may be on its way back.

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Relientk771644d ago

It definitely needs to be revived. I loved this series as a kid

XboxFun1644d ago

I really hope so!

make it a 2D.5 brawler and just for kicks throw in the Double Dragon brothers just like the original sequel did. And have them be the Neon version!

Super ownage if that was the case. And I want to see the bike level return and be even harder than it was on the NES.

oof461642d ago

You must be crazy. If I wasn't so poor, I would have thrown my controller at my TV because of that damn level.

maniacmayhem1642d ago

Even harder?

You are out of your mind if they ever did something like that.

That level almost single handedly killed my love for video games.

On topic,
I really do hope they bring back the Battletoads.

Pancit_Canton1642d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... The Horror, The Nightmares .....arrrg. I'm still recovering from the experienced nearly two decades ago.

joel_c171642d ago

Only if done properly! one of my favourite games of all time

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