X-Play: Dark Sector Review

The game isn't fun at all - including the pathetically limited multiplayer options which aren't worth going into. It's just frustrating that Dark Sector, with all the trappings of a good game could squander nearly every single one of them with bad level design, poor logic, repetitive combat, and no attention to what made its inspiration so…inspiring. X-Play will be haunted as to how this is the end result of many years of effort, but take it from them, you don't need those ghosts.

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games4fun3894d ago

this game deserves a three or four out of five, the multiplayer isnt that great but the single player is awesome, there are a multitude of games xplay gave 3 or 4's to games that didn't deserve it, this is overly harsh, if the online wasn't so broken i would actually buy this game as it stands its a recommened rent game that is fun

GiantEnemyCrab3894d ago

I really liked the SP on Dark Sector. The glaive throwing was awesome and the combat was very acceptable and the graphics were great. I think X-Play are being a bit harsh on this game.

ShAkKa3894d ago

dark sector = 4.3/5
x play = 1.7/5