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Submitted by Abriael 878d ago | news

Andrew House: "Sony Computer Entertainment isn't Allowed to Fail Anymore with PS4"

While Sony has been fairly successful with PS3 and arguably with PS Vita (at least in Japan), the profit margins are still quite low, and Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House is very aware that the clock is ticking, and that a higher degree of success is necessary with the upcoming PS4. (Andrew House, PS4)

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xHeavYx  +   878d ago | Well said
I think the PS4 is what will make SCE a success
Abriael  +   878d ago
We can only hope. The outset seems promising at least.
Ame_No_Shiryuu  +   878d ago
the current situation is already indicating.., don't worry SCE.., it's gonna be a success console...:)
Peppino7  +   878d ago
The 1 thing I was worried about the most is that since the ps4 is getting so much good press, what happens when a game looks substandard or under preforms? People will say the ps4 isn't what everyone thinks it is. I hope the devs do make the most of what they have to work with.
mewhy32  +   878d ago
It's clear that this gen was won by Sony when Don Mattrick stepped onto the stage at E3 and basically said, "Screw you if you don't like what micro$of is doing with the bone." ....mmmm...yep
vigilante_man  +   878d ago
The strong PS3 finish and great games from 1st party studios, the now amazingly great for your pocket PS+ and the new found love for everything Vita will only add to the PS4 and make Sony the true powerhouse in gaming.

No other company has as much dedication, commitment and quality on so many platforms.

I really think MS should partner with Samsung and create a hand held system too!!
blitz0623  +   878d ago
"Fail anymore" with PS4? It's not like they failed with the PS3
miyamoto  +   878d ago
The Three Musketeers have one motto: All 4 one , one 4 all.
And one directive that says: Never underestimate the power of the darkside.
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abzdine  +   878d ago
they're doing well with PS4 so far, they're listening to gamers, developers and they are keeping the same message.
No doubt if they keep going like this they will know nothing but success
JamieL  +   878d ago
@ blitz0623
From our perspective, no they didn't. As gamers the PS3 rocks, but Sony is a business. As a business the PS3 was a major failure. It never even made up its development cost as far as I know. Making $0.00 is not a business failure? I’m not 100% sure it hasn’t made it back but the PS3 posted its first profit in 6-10, and as of this year the PS3 hast lost Sony 4.95 billion USD’s. That sucks homie.
Kevin ButIer  +   878d ago
I have no doubt... lets be fair... they haven't even announced team ICO game, or ND, MediaM or Sony SM... they are exceeding in so many ways
GT67  +   878d ago
Question: has anyone seen how to put disc games in ps4 yet????

nukeitall  +   877d ago
or this could prove the pressure to get short term gains in favor of long term benefit. Dooming the company to continued downward path.

Shareholder pressure isn't always healthy for the company.
abzdine  +   877d ago
here you go sir:
i hope it helps
LOGICWINS  +   878d ago
Its a combination of ALL Sonys offerings that will make SCE a success. The PS4, PS3, and Vita are targeting the needs of different markets.
abusador  +   878d ago
I concur. Ps3 will still keep giving for years to come and so will the vita. They are all successes in their own right depending on how you look at it. As of now i know ps3 is making them a profit, although in its inception it was not but beyond that it is doing something that is priceless, further cementing its brand recognition and bringing gamers over to the Sony side. Because of Sonys dedication to the Ps3 and its first party studios it has made many ppl a believer in Sony as a whole and they have decided to switch or further support Sony and in my mind that is a success. Vita has started slow but in Japan has picked up traction.
GraveLord  +   878d ago
SCE is already successful.
Wikkid666  +   878d ago
You better take a look at their financials then.
elhebbo16  +   878d ago
@wikki maybe not financially (YET) but when it comes to games SCE has always bin on top delivering great titles.
andibandit  +   877d ago
Sorry to break it to you, but profit, not games quantity, is what matters at the end of the day.
killmaria   877d ago | Spam
ZHZ90  +   878d ago
PS4 is defintely will be the most successful console in history and this will help Sony alot.
MWong  +   878d ago
One can only hope, it will be more successful than the PS2. If it is it means Sony has found that magic sauce again. So far the PS4 is looking amazing and seems that Sony is going back to it's winning form.
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kayoss  +   878d ago
I think once they become successful, it will be easier for them to obtain exclusivity from developers and try to get high profile games onto the Sony brand such as Monster hunter, gears of war, etc...
ZHZ90  +   878d ago
Why did I get disagrees more than agrees?
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truechainz  +   878d ago
"Why did I get disagrees more than agrees?"

I think it is because though the PS4 will a fantastic console and it will bring a lot of good money to Sony, I think it is natural to be skeptical that the PS4 will be the most successful console in history. I mean the PS2 almost sold more than the PS3 and 360 combined worldwide. I don't think we are gonna be in market where a console is going to sell that well. At least during this gen. But that is just my opinion so you shouldn't be offended by the disagrees, and it won't take away from how awesome the PS4 is going to be.
KwietStorm  +   878d ago
You got disagrees because there's no way you can sit there right now and say it will be the most successful console IN HISTORY. It doesn't even make sense to say such a thing.
5eriously  +   878d ago
["ZHZ90 4h ago
Why did I get disagrees more than agrees?"]

Because the american kid trolls were awake and on line. As you can see the picture changed a bit.
Kingthrash360  +   878d ago
SCE was a success back when it took the crown from nintendo with ps1...then dominated with ps2....they made big mistakes but still had success with ps3 and ps4 is looking to be is biggest success yet.

the differnce is with the ps4 they acually listened to both devs and customers and are delivering a very user friendly easy to develop for console at a cheaper price than a weaker console. they are in kobe in the fourth quater mode....3 seconds left.... fadaway.. swish ... underbite... fist pump... chest bump.... crowd goes wild... riots outside the staples center...

yeah, i said that just now.
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TheEnigma313  +   878d ago
Kobe mostly bricks in the 4th quarter. Using Jordan would have made more sense. But yes, Sony is back to dominating form.
Kingthrash360  +   878d ago
lol this^^^ lol

truth be told kobe made more than mj but, BUT he also missed more....jordan didnt really need a 4th qtr game winner, he was busy blowing them teams out...also he had kerr,kukoch,paxon,and scottie..all whom would (and have) had 4th qtr heroics....its just some folks are too young for a mj statment is all...i stand corrected tho MJ is the guy to name.
dboyc310  +   878d ago
Sony is playstation! The brand itself is the strongest asset to company. But from what they been showing it's easy to see how well interactive all the devices under sony work together. Especially the ps4. Greatness awaits though
Deadpoolio  +   878d ago
Actually Sony Pictures movies/TV and Sony Music are probably more successful than the playstation brand.....I believe Sony records does own part of the rights to the Beatles music.
Death  +   878d ago
Not sure how you are getting disagrees with this. The PS4 preorders are what drove the investment firm to reapply pressure to seperate SCE from Sony. Looks like they want a piece of the action. Sony was very wise to deny the request.
xHeavYx  +   878d ago
I don't care if I get disagrees, they are probably from certain people who don't enjoy the PS brand, the typical phantom disagree
LaChance  +   878d ago
Yep because if the PS4 turns out a financial disaster like the PS3 they may have to sell even more of their buildings and their employees wont have offices to work in anymore.

Hell they may just have to sell their workforce like back in the day with slavery if they dont make some pocket change with the PS4.

I see MS or Nintendo scooping them for a bargain 5/6 years from now if the PS4 goes the PS3 route.
xHeavYx  +   878d ago
This is the first time I see a troll with 1 bubble, oh wait, it's not
Xsilver  +   878d ago
how many successful consoles has MS made and yet they are still around,Sony had one screw up but still came in on top worldwide and i'm pretty sure the PS4 won't fail at all.
And if it goes in the same route as the ps3 then guess what its gonna come out the same as it is now so i dont get what your saying.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   878d ago
@la chance

Nintendo buying Sony lmao how ridiculous can you get you havnt got a clue what your talking about, Nintendo couldnt even afford to buy one of Sonys film studios even.
SoulSercher620  +   878d ago
The day that happens is the day the xbone surpasses the PS2 in sales.
kenshiro100  +   878d ago
Do you work for Sony?


So stop pretending you know about their financial situation. This article has nothing to do with their financials.

Think Sony knows more than you.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   878d ago
Your comment reeks of bitterness. You do realize the PS4 is going to obliterate the competition this gen right?
5eriously  +   877d ago
Yeah trolling must be why you have so many bubbles. A pity you cannot seem to loose that one bubble too.

As for M$ et al buying Sony PS, You think or believe they have that much money, Off course they would like to buy the successful PS brand as that would be the only hope in hell they would ever get their hands in a decent console to market.

Where is the 360 now, compare that with the PS3 and explain what happened. Whwre are the standings with ALL exclusives? How many new IP's were released My M$ the last few years?

Face mate you and beloved M$ are fighting a losing crusade!
Big_B0SS  +   878d ago
Its looking that way but I think its going to be hard for Sony to replacate the PS2 success in terms of sales.

I am more than confident that it will do much better than the PS3 but will struggle against the the PS2.

Goals for each company

PS4 - Sony has to take back the USA and UK user base from MS if it want to be known as a power house again.

XBone - As much money as MS has the XBONE could end up hurting them bad if it does not do as well as the 360 or better due to the fact that MS has invested tons into the next gen system and investors wont tolarate a system that is only doing good in two markets. All fanboy talk aside if you really compare the PS4 to the XBone, Sony's console looks much better in terms of price and spec...sure the PS4 could have a better line up but this is Sony we are talking about and they will deliver the goods come next E3.

Wii U - if you thought the Wii U sales were sluggish now wait until November...Nintendo has no one to blame but Nintendo - they got lucky with the Wiimote and at some point in a meeting two options were giving...release a low cost console with another gimmick or blow away the hardcore with a console that has MEGATON specs and in the end they choose wrong, plus the Wii U game line up has not helped them at all - who thought it was a good idea not release a Zelda next gen HD game with the Wii U lounch? Also I dont care what Nintendo fanboys say but Nintendo needs new IP's becuase as much as I love Link, Mario, Samus, Kirby, Donkey Kong I aslo want something new.
Locksus  +   878d ago
You say that, but when they actually do release a new IP (read: The Wonderful 101), nobody buys it and the journalists shit on it because they can't be assed to learn how to play the game.
Blaze929  +   878d ago
look at all your psychic future tellers lol.

Anyway, nice to see SCE President being realistic in how serious competition is and was for them this generation. Sounds like they got everything figured out and ready to dominate with the PS4 but we shall see.
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Magicite  +   878d ago
This time its do or die for Sony, they will fight with claws and fangs. Their commitment is so strong, its almost inspiring.

M$ and Nintendo are going easy, they were really successful 7th gen, Im not saying Sony wasnt, but Sony's financial status is worst of the trio.

Almost like defending last bastion, Sony will bring out all the big guns, and we can already see that happening - strongest console ever manufactured, supply of tens of millions units, strong relationships with indies and 3rd party devs and the best executives team (Cerny, Yoshida, House, Tretton and more).

Ive never before been so passionate about Playstation.
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xtremeimport  +   878d ago
The only way i see Ps4 failing is if it releases and is very buggy and they have hardware failures.

Release with quality and success will come. The hype around it is too big right now, and of course they need games. (we all know they'll have plenty)

I also would like to see them evolve the system a bit more over its life span. I dont they did this enough with the Ps3.

Continue listening to your customers Sony, you're doing a top notch job!
jc48573  +   878d ago
man you guys are making me really nervous. I was really thinking about taking a time off from gaming, but you guys won't let me retire for even a bit?
NateCole  +   878d ago
its all good as they are hungry.
showtimefolks  +   878d ago
ps4 could get sony back in business of making profits on consistent bases

under KAZ's leadership i think sony will succeed
ovnipc  +   878d ago
They wont. Ps4 and x1 will both do good. Real gamers cant wish one to fail, cause we as consumers benefit from both companys competition. If it was not cause of sony ms would had force gamers to their policies, and if it was not of ms winning last gen, sony would had not come out strong with the ps4. We should leave fanatism to the side and agree for both consoles to do good.
KingWookiee  +   878d ago
MS didn't win last gen...
Bathyj  +   878d ago
And Sony always come out strong with a new console.

People want Xbone to fail not because they want ps4 to win, but because they think Microsoft is actually bad for the industry.
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sak500  +   877d ago

Seriously? Taking 80 million users from Sony bank even with failure of xb original and RROD fiasco. You must really be wearing rather thick sony fan goggles.

All these bedroom analysts hyping ps4 like they did ps3 couldn't make sony turn profit almost till the end of the gen. Coming down from 150+ million user base to same level as of a console maker with a failed first attempt now that was victory for sony right?
KingWookiee  +   877d ago
How about MS getting a year head start and still losing in total units sold and getting demolished in the amount of exclusives made for the system and how many of those systems sold are xbox 360's that were rebought because of RRoD?
joeorc  +   877d ago

"Seriously? Taking 80 million users from Sony bank even with failure of xb original and RROD fiasco. You must really be wearing rather thick sony fan goggles."

why is it every freaking time loss of market share number's is always seem to be the default that "Microsoft took those number's from Sony"

when the truth is Nintendo, took more market share from Sony if you really want to be realistic about it. while im sure Microsoft did take some, they in fact i doubt took anywhere near the sheer number's that Nintendo took with the Wii.

and if you want to be really blunt. Microsoft has yet to even get anywhere near the market share of Sony let alone Nintendo with only one platform that they sell in the market.

I mean Microsoft only has the xbox360 and soon to be also the xboxone .

that is one platform soon to be 2. while sony has the PS3, THE PSP, THE PSVITA, AND SOON TO BE THE PS4 and the PSVita TV.

that's 5 for Sony to 2 for Microsoft.

its one thing to talk about total market share one platform vs another. but in the market its all your platforms in the same market that you offer = the total market share.

Nintendo is 1st
Sony is 2nd
Microsoft is 3rd

that is true market share %
for pete's sake Microsoft does not even have a portable handheld game system.
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killmaria   877d ago | Spam
killmaria   877d ago | Spam
FamilyGuy  +   877d ago
As far as profits go the PS+ decree on online multiplayer should help them big time.
Murad  +   877d ago
SCE? Personally I'm excited for the PS4, but I'm going to buy it way later in the year once I actually finish playing all my Ps3 games and realize that I actually have a life outside school.
OrangePowerz  +   878d ago
A bit over dramatic after having one home console that was "only" second and not first.
Abriael  +   878d ago
The problem house is getting at isn't really first or second, it's that the business isn't very profitable.

Most shareholders can't care the less for rankings, if the company doesn't make much money.
Angeljuice  +   878d ago
PlayStation used to account for over a third of all Sony profits (at a time when Sony was very profitable). I think they want a return to that level of success.
dboyc310  +   878d ago
Exactly look how successful the xbox 360 was in gamers eyes. However shareholders wanted to sell it because the company itself didn't make much money out of the gaming division.
Death  +   878d ago
Maybe a third of their revenue, but I really don't think it was profit.

The fund originally pressured Sony in may to seperate SCE and use the funds from the sale to reinvest into their hardline goods. After e3 they approached Sony again praising the pre-orders and citing that as the reason they should sell off SCE. Call me crazy, but it looks like they want to buy the assets and reap the rewards. They own 7% of Sony's stocks and started buying more. Sony seen right thru their request and politely declined.
T2  +   878d ago
I dont know whos passing out phantom disagrees but anyone who knows business knows it doesnt matter if Sony makes great games or ms has billions in the bank ... If the gaming divisions arent profitable , its the shareholders who make the decision on that division ... And they arent on n4g arguing who has better specs you can be sure of that
Magicite  +   878d ago
Yeah, agree, similar things are happening at M$, if shareholders wont be satisfied, Xbox division might be sold off or closed.
Software_Lover  +   878d ago
I will say this again......

Sales mean nothing. I dont understand why we get the sales articles all the time.

You could sell 10 million units in a year but if you aren't profiting then its for nothing. This is in the eyes of the shareholders of course.
joeorc  +   877d ago

"I will say this again......

Sales mean nothing. I dont understand why we get the sales articles all the time.

You could sell 10 million units in a year but if you aren't profiting then its for nothing. This is in the eyes of the shareholders of course."

which is true, and its a good thing Playstation part of Sony is privately held!

PlayStation maker says owning 100 percent of the company's entertainment business is "fundamental to Sony's success."

the TV section part is no longer a pillar and for having 9 straight year losses before Kaz took the helm, i doubt very much Kaz wants to keep the TV section eating into the profit center's of playstation. that's exactly why the tv section production is being cut over all by 60%!

Sony will no longer have playstation's profits being eaten away by sections that are causing loss of profit.

that's why D@n Lobe wanted Sony to put playstation to public offering so as to let the rest of Sony die on the vine. corp. raiding like hedge funds such as d@mn Lobe's has always and utter failed attempts @ market absorb of japanese owned companies in hostile take over matter's have failed time and time again.


Loeb--who owns a 6 percent stake in Sony worth about $1.1 billion--proposed in May that the company spin off its entertainment business by selling as much as 20 percent of its assets in an initial public offering. He argued that this move would allow Sony's electronics division to thrive.

Kaz and the board told him no; and just to be clear and the vote was a unanimous vote - NO!

Playstation will not be going public with an offering.
UnHoly_One  +   878d ago
That's just it. Nobody cares about who is "first" or "second" except for fanboys that like to use it to back up their stupid arguments. lol

They just want to make money.

Do you think anyone at a Sony shareholders meeting even knows if they were "first", "second" or "third"? I would bet that most of them do not.

They care about how many dollars they made or lost on the product, not whether it sold more or less than a competing product.
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nerdeu  +   878d ago
If it wasn't for the bad advertising for Wii U and the lack of games to the console I really think Xbox One would've been the underdog. Nintendo should've waited on extra year for the launch to improve the hardware and launch line-up. The it would've been a choice between PS4 and Wii U - the Xbox One wouldn't be necessary at all.

In other words: Microsoft should be glad Nintendo screwed up on their own launch last year.
Software_Lover  +   878d ago
Nintendo should have name the console something else besides wii-u
nerdeu  +   878d ago
I totally agree. Wii One is a better name than Wii U and that's a sad but true statement. Wii 2 would've been perfect.
gamer2013  +   877d ago
You're completely delusional like most kids on this site. X1 games won the most awards at E3. It offers the most features and will continue to have the best online because of Azure. Personally, I think that Sony should be happy that MS has suffered so much PR negativity because the X1 offers a lot more than just an upgraded PS3.

Sony will be strong out of the gate but people will soon realise what their missing out on and will then buy an X1 as well.
#3.2 (Edited 877d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
nerdeu  +   876d ago
Yeah ... delusional ... yeah. With that comment ... that PS4 is an "upgraded PS3" I guess you just won the Delusional Award 2013. Congrats!

*speech! speech! speech!* (audience roars)
#3.2.1 (Edited 876d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
PositiveEmotions  +   878d ago
Well over 1million ps4 sold yeah i think they will succeed big time.

Im also sure that many people will get their ps4 at a retailer
Death  +   878d ago
Buy as many games as possible if you want to help Sony. If they are losing as little as $1 with each console sold, a perfect launch will set them back 1 million buck. Each game they sell will earn them royalties and if they are the publisher and developer they will make a nice profit to offset hardware losses.
T2  +   878d ago
Man what a business , can you imagine starting out ? Sell your units at loss for predicted earnings on games ... Cutthroat
Thehyph  +   878d ago
Yup. People seem to forget that the console hardware is not the part that makes the money. Why would it be? Ideally, you're only going to pay for it once.

Accessories, services, and games are where the profit is.

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all going for attach rate. Attach rate is the most important thing for a game console. The best way to achieve it is to get as many hardware units sold as possible.
Sevir  +   878d ago
Precisely why PS+ is going to be the bread and butter, there's already a projected increase in ps+ subscriptions of over 80% with many doing the $10/£10/€10 of month to month sub.

They'll turn a profit on hardware in a year or so, it's rumored that the console with it's 28nm manufacturing process for the Chips and motherboards has Sony breaking even at launch. The console is already the size of a 3rd generation PS3.

And Development cost in hasn't gone up that much since most game engines now are Iterations of previous gen engines which support multithreading, the exotic investment in exotic development hardware isn't causing the industry to nearly implode like at the start of last generation.

So they are in a better position to sell and be profitable very early on given the necessity for PS+ going forward with PS4, the Price of Software and ofcourse the cost of the PS4. Now they just need to market the PS4 software especially the big ones really well. Killzone, Driveclub, Knack and Infamous...
Whitey2k  +   878d ago
this is what sony needs to do they need to listen to gamers we need more exclusives everyone is begging for a remake of final fantasy 7 or final fantasy 6 sony needs to advertise as much as they can to prove ps4 console is what it is a true next gaming console, and they need to make a powerful console at a really good price like they did with the ps4
sigfredod  +   878d ago
Don´t worry Sony you have done all the right moves, PS4 is a beast and will sell like hot cakes
StrawHatPatriot  +   878d ago
From what I know, it will not take long for the PlayStation 4 to bring in a profit for SCE, since they are using more off the shelf parts, compared to the Playstation 3 which took up until I think 2010-2011 to make bring in money.
Whitey2k  +   878d ago
I hope that cerny makes the ps5 :D and I have a great ideai think the next console aka ps5 should have

revised 8-core bulldozer with a revised 7990 CPGPU with maybe 12gig GDDR6
vigilante_man  +   878d ago
Nah. Cerny has already confirmed the use of NOS!
cell989  +   878d ago
at this rate I predict 24-32 GB of Ram next time around
ion53  +   877d ago
I'd rather like 64GB of GDDR6, considering it's a 10 year thing... If the PS5 comes out 2018, then 32GB please...
MultiConsoleGamer  +   878d ago
PS4 has no chance of failure so no worries here.

Golden Phoenix rising.
DiRtY  +   878d ago
"While Sony has been fairly successful with PS3 and arguably with PS Vita (at least in Japan), the profit margins are still quite low"

Oh dear...

a close to 5 billion loss with the PS3 and a dead Vita are not fairly successful!
Hicken  +   878d ago
More successful than your trolling attempts, at least.
GdaTyler  +   878d ago
Though I do support the Vita. I do believe it is in trouble but it will get better with new releases, Vita TV and Slim, PS4 etc. I hope Sony has the same mentality regarding the Vita and are developing some quality titles as we speak. I really don't want to see it fail. It's barely 6 million, I want it to be at at least 15 million in order for me to not worry.
#10.2 (Edited 878d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Whitey2k  +   878d ago
vita tv and ps4 must be the bestest idea that sony came up with and giving mark cerny to do the job I think he should create future consoles and vita is top notch to those who aint got vita or a ps4 since they can buy or stream games fromm ps1 , ps2 and ps3
Death  +   878d ago
Not sure on VitaTv. It will not help development of Vita games since the hardware is so different. Smart would be including a VitaTv port in their Smart TV's. A nice selling feature for their TV's and having the ability to game on it might help increase Vita sales if marketed right. VitaTv looks to be the start of their pay tv service they are putting together. Restrictions outside of Japan are probably what is keeping it from going to other markets.
Thehyph  +   878d ago
I think that it's possible to increase development of Vita games from the new device.
If enough of them are sold, then large third party devs might give the Vita another shot. All they have to do is reduce the touch features and remove all the camera features. (which I would like for most games anyway)

A good bundle for this device could push a solid number of units. I'm thinking Minecraft, The Walking Dead, Killzone, etc.
Magicite  +   878d ago
Sony will dominate by crushing competition. PS2 era, its time for you to return!
sak500  +   877d ago
Stop living in 2001. Times have changed. Dictators like Saddam hussain, Ghaddafi, Mubarak are no longer in power. Wars happening all around. You'd think company can just spring back to top level as if there is no competition? Sony lost half of it's user base to MS and similiar or more to Nintendo. All you fanbois treat sony as your savior or something, it's a bloody corporation which will waste no time in ditching playstation name if it's survival is at stake. It doesn't care about the blind loyalists trolling in here and neither does MS for that matter.
fsfsxii  +   877d ago
Nice analogy there.
jgrigs09  +   878d ago
This is hypothetical don't reply with an immature comment. What happens if this system utterly fails. When I mean fail, I mean that it has issues, like their version of RROD. This has to be the perfect console, with no fails. Sorry fans but the PS4 is a do or die for SCE
cell989  +   878d ago
what Sony needs to do is up the game attachment ratio. You can sell 10 million consoles, but if all those people only buy 1 game, there is no profit left for Sony. This is why Microsoft wanted an all digital future so desperately, to try and make more money by making people buy more new games vs buying used games that no one but the reseller makes money off of it.

Sony makes profit from selling peripherals like controllers and such, so next time you buy a games console, buy some new games if you really want to support the manufacturer, they are selling you a console at a loss in hopes you will buy new games and help them recover the loss.

I think Microsoft made a good profit this generation because even upgrading your hard drive made them a profit. They had a higher game attachment ratio as well. Sony just now has started seeing a profit on the PS3, developing cycles have been improved, more 3rd party support, constant exclusives and a cheaper console have all helped.

With PS4 I think Sony will see profits faster, the console is affordable, PS Plus is going to become standard, easier dev cycles, and a very positive word of mouth vibe that they have been enjoying since the console was first announced. They made all the right steps up until now, launch is just around the corner and all the stars seem aligned for Sony this gen.

Microsoft really needs to make that 180 count, no more talking bullshit on forums, stay mum and work with what you have, or you will keep building more negativity for your console. They wont be as lucky as Sony was with the PS3.
Gamingsince75   878d ago | Spam
Nekroo91  +   878d ago
in 2 or 3 years they will have a huge part of the market and by that 1 billion of profits just for ps plus, so its a good deal to require plus subscription to play online
dcj0524  +   878d ago
PS3,PSVITA,PS4 Divine Trio.
Belking  +   878d ago
At least he can admit that they did have failures.
SnakeCQC  +   878d ago
when have they failed?
ivnheim  +   878d ago
I already have contributed to the success of the Playstation brand and all of it's first party developers, i have owned every console from Sony and almos every first party game.

And thanks to the genius of Mark Cerny and the extraordinary PS4, i am going to support them for many years to come.

I don't care if Microsoft corrects the imagen of the Xbone or it keeps sinking in the public eyes. It's like it does not even exists to me. If there is no Sony and Playstation then i'm going PC or Nintendo.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   877d ago
Omg Microsoft gonna go bankrupt because they lost you I'm gonna cry now
ivnheim  +   877d ago
They could never lose me, i have never been with them.

I don't hate them (that much), I just don't care about their products and the people behind them.
sassmannico   878d ago | Spam
stragomccloud  +   878d ago
Hopefully it fares better. Sony's PS3 lost more money than any other console in history. About 4.7 billion dollars. Microsoft can't afford a failure either, Microsoft has not yet made a profit with the Xbox brand since its inception since they've lost so much money on the original Xbox and the Xbox 360.
Dan_scruggs  +   878d ago
Kinda sounds like a threat.
fullmetal297  +   878d ago
At this point both companies are in the red zone and their console need to succeed in order to survive to next generation. It will be bad to consumers if either one goes to the toilet: less competition = more expensive.
KontryBoy706  +   878d ago
well I really hope Sony is successful with the PS4. I don't want to see them out of the gaming division. Can you imagine the gaming industry with only Microsoft and Nintendo?
arbitor365  +   878d ago
sony is going to rake in PS2-esque profits with the PS4. there is nothing to worry about.
Gamingsince75   878d ago | Spam
yewles1  +   878d ago
"Sony Computer Entertainment isn’t allowed to fail anymore with PS4, because the game business for Sony is a “Core” (business) that embodies a fusion of both hardware and software."

Potential self jinxing pretty much...
Marugo  +   878d ago
It will surely success to the hearts of fans. But not to the casual gamers in north america
Harmonizer  +   878d ago
They ended this gen much better than Microsoft which is, along with numerous MS fuck-ups lately, giving them a really good start with the upcoming gen.
Dee_Cazo  +   878d ago
What they were failing? Not according to the mature fanboys on n4g, they've practically been rolling in money.
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