The Four Worst Grand Theft Auto Missions of All Time

Take a break from GTAV, and take a look at the four worst missions found within the Grand Theft Auto titles to date.

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lnvisibleMan1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Good list. Hate 'Demolition man' from Vice city with a passion. To this day those f**king flying driving mechanics drive me mad.

kwyjibo1494d ago

If you can't beat The Driver with the car you're given, you're rubbish at racing.

Lighter91494d ago

#1 is definitely Air Raid. Even after enabling slow-mo, I still couldn't beat that. The Z marker for Zero stayed on my map even after I beat it. Supply Lines was just as bad.

B_Rian891494d ago

Supply Lines should have been #1

vivid831494d ago

air raid and supply lines were my only problem missions on this list