Grand Theft Auto V: Why It Isn’t For Me

25 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V are expected to be sold in its first year but not everyone will be rushing out to Los Santos.

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JoeRated1832d ago

Dumb topic...... No body cares

sinclaircrown1832d ago

Not dumb. his logic is, but not the topic. The truth is, some people will prefer Angry Birds over GTA. People are people after all. IMO GTA5 has everything this guy says it doesn't.

He's eliminating GTA5 without ever playing it, and comparing it to older GTA games is pointless. Because yes, this is a unique game.

I doubt this guy will never own a copy of GTA5. He probably has one actually already.

NexGen1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

No, it is flat out a stupid thing to post here on n4g. By the same token, where are our "why I don't like hello kitty online" or "why I'll never buy Slylanders."

Who cares. This isn't a blogspot or a facebook wall. I don't care about that garbage, even if it is a dissenting opinion from the norm.

Special snowflake syndrome. Get lost.

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KonsoruMasuta1832d ago

SRIV is nothing compared to this game. SR lost it's wow factor for me after 2.

It like when someone tries to be too funny and just isn't as funny as when they aren't trying to be.

It honestly tries too hard.

dannylilley1832d ago

Fair article. I can see what they mean because at the end of the day every game is about personal preference. So why not write about why you aren't keen on it. After all it's a hot topic right now and he didn't bash the game as such.

Fasttrack761832d ago

Blah blah blah, like someone said i bet he's playing it right now

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