Famitsu is Going to Pitch PS4 and Xbox One Head to Head For the First Time Tomorrow and Livestream

Tomorrow a special episode of Famitsu Live will be aired at 8 PM Japan Time (7 AM EST) on Nico Nico, and this time around it's a juicy one, with the Xbox One and PS4 pitched head to head for the first time for "raw" gameplay in the same live broadcast.

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first1NFANTRY1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Greaaaat, more fuel for the fire. On the bright side we get to see more gameplay.

Also I hope they demo the games on finalised xbone and ps4 hardware. Looking forward to seeing how the games compare.

Ame_No_Shiryuu1766d ago

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooh Yes...., finally the day that has been waiting by Major Nelson is coming.., the day the truth to come out...

tuglu_pati1766d ago

I'm a little skeptical. The article say they will both show raw gamplay, but it doesn't say it will be the same game. Hopefully is the same games so that we can do a fair comparison.

black0o1766d ago

Knack will do the job .. no need for the big boys, and man I do feel sry MS already

thrust1766d ago

So this is the day major nelson was on about?

mewhy321766d ago

Well here it comes. There's no justification for spending 100.00 more for inferior hardware other than being a sheep.

fullymoated1765d ago


I’m not a sheep but I do like online shooters. There’s this game called Titanfall and everyone who has played it won’t shutup about it. Plus exclusive content for the Division, plus CoD dedicated servers. Sony has done a poor job showing why Killzone will be better than what I have just listed. And Battlefield is on both consoles. So give me a reason why an online shooter fan would get a PS4?? I have no idea what console to get, so sell me on the PS4 =)

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nerdeu1766d ago

Reference to The Dark Knight:

-A little fight in you. I like that. (Joker looking at the Xbox One)

Then you're gonna love me! (PS4 smashes Joker in the face)

Mystogan1766d ago

Except the Joker is awesome.

u got owned1766d ago

who said the next gen war wasn't gonna be fun? :)

nerdeu1766d ago


redwin1766d ago

Lets be honest here, Xbox one is like Howard Stern, people that follows him the most are the ones that don't like him just because they want to see how he'll " mess up next. The Xbox is making this interesting. If you notice Sony don't say much, the fans are making all the noise .

Tito081766d ago

@redwin- Yet, it's the devs that are speaking out for the PS4, Sony does not have to, try harder next time son.

pyramidshead1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Let's hope they get some really nitty gritty comparisons going on. Hopefully they'll pick up on this too:

Killzone Shadow Fall | 1080p/60fps multiplayer, 1080p/30fps single player
DriveClub | 1080p/60fps target, currently running at 1080p/30fps
Knack | 1080p/30fps
Resogun | 1080p/60fps


Forza 5 | 1080p/60fps
Ryse | 900p/30fps <<<
Killer Instinct | 720p/60fps <<<

madpuppy1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Whatever they do, don't have the two consoles touching each other, it's like crossing the protonic reversal!

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ZHZ901766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Just at the title, head to head that means they'll let the consoles speak for themselves.

Can't wait for this.

Abriael1766d ago

The program mentions "raw" gameplay, so that's pretty much what it is.

sigfredod1766d ago

i hope some other service air the livestream besides Nico Nico

Abriael1766d ago

Famitsu live is streamed only on Nico Nico, so no.

RiPPn1766d ago

Dat 900p vs 1080p should be fun to see! :)

Hercules1891766d ago

Yup, cant wait for digital foundry with their special eyes to point out the differences with red circles. Oh look that game has 2 more fps. The spec difference was larger in xbox and ps2 era and even tho the xbox games looked better it wasnt by much which means its more to do with skilled programmers.

Khimarhi1766d ago

Yep very fun to see. Not going to notice any difference at all, especially streaming it.

u got owned1766d ago

funny The Order runs at 800p. What your excuse on that?

Ron_Danger1766d ago

You mean the pre-alpha game The Order?? Great argument there...

u got owned1766d ago


No bruh the game will run on sub-HD resolution. Google it.

DoesUs1766d ago

Incorrect. Do better research. They have cropped the image top and bottom to achieve a filmic look. But the per pixel resolution is 1:1. Please don't accuse others if your own info is lacking.

Ron_Danger1766d ago

First of all... I love when people use "bruh" as if it's like their "this comment will show them".

Anyway... I did google it and since you didn't link anything I don't feel like I should either, but what I found is that they are choosing to run the game at 1920x800p because they are going for an old fashioned look to the game (which would go well with the 1800's victorian steam punk look)... They aren't doing it because of system limitations "bruh".

Tito081766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@JohnnyBadfinger"Hahahaha ha!....hahahaha! Wow mate! Seriously that is the all time greatest spin to a rumour ever! Lol cause it suits the old style look fucking lol. So why can't ryse do the same thing but at 900p... Might be "the look" the Devs are going for lol"

Hahahahahahahha.....hahahhaha , wow mate, that's because The Order has something called Atmosphere, as in atmospheric setting, something Ryse does not have, lol figures, go fix your bad finger & go back to school "mate" lol.

@u got owned- What can I say about you, your username says it all.

Thunderhawkxbox1765d ago

Don't waste your time on Sony fan boys let them to live on their dream about ps4 and ps4 games being better lol

ABizzel11765d ago

@u got owned, JohnnBadfinger, and THunderhawkxbox

Just to educate you guys the widescreen framing they're going for has it's benefits as well as faults.

You get more width which gives gamers a sort of peripheral vision allowing you to see more on screen than most games offer, at the cost of vertical visuals. If most of the combat is on the ground then it's beneficial, if not then it's problematic.

It's not 800p, because the resolution is still above 1600 x 900. 1,536,000 vs. 1,440,000 (around 6.5% pixel density increase).

That being said I don't know if I'll like the actual gameplay to be like this, but again there's no confirmation on whether the entire game is like this or just the cutscenes.

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Ghost_breath1766d ago

Getting both.

But I don't really want to see raw play of any sort honestly.

ZHZ901766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

But there are people are intersted to see raw play for both before they get the next gen console(s)(Whether PS4, X1 or both) in their own hands.

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