No new Final Fantasy XV information at Tokyo Game Show this year

Another TGS, another year without Final Fantasy Versus XIII – or rather, FFXV now.

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EXVirtual1587d ago

DAMMIT! There better be some new footage in that interview. And they better show bucket loads at Jump Festa.

Abash1587d ago

This is like saying "FFXV isn't releasing next year" with the absence of new information at this year's TGS

EXVirtual1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Well, I'm guessing early 2015 for the west and late December for Japan, but I wanted this to come out in Summer 2014. I can kiss that crap goodbye.
Square needs to get LR out of the way fast. I don't care about LR. No one asked for the damn thing. It's just getting in the way of what FF fans like me actually want. I'm not saying they should rush it, but at least give us a 3 minute trailer at the biggest gaming event in Japan. But like I said, Jump Festa and SE's yearly January press conference NEEDS some info on both this and KH3. And this interview better show some new footage running on the PS4.

torchic1587d ago

2015 would be almost A DECADE (9 YEARS) after the unveil & first trailer!


sephiroth4201587d ago

@torchic we should probably expect this by now though, i mean look how long they made us wait for ff12 and 13, and then giving us a different 13 to what we thought, i wouldnt be surprised if we didnt see this game till 2016 but i really hope not.

ZHZ901587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I was hoping Nomura is lying and make it look like a surprise all the hope is now only for KH3 to appear at TGS.

So many people are against XIII(Lightning) games, I hope XV will be released in 2015.

KimikoGaming1587d ago

I understand that people don't like the original XIII. Most of the game(About the first 2/3 of it) was horribly linear, with annoying characters(who got better near the end), too much story information being shoved down your throat at the same time with barely any description to keep you reminded what any of it was, and overall no resemblance whatsoever to Final Fantasy whatsoever.

However, as soon as you get to Gran Pulse... That is when the game becomes good. If the whole game was as good as it was the last 1/3 of the game, it would have been a fantastic game. But alas, it was not.

XIII-2 was SE's attempt to redeem XIII for FF fans. In my opinion, it was successful. To me, XIII-2 was the closest FF game, in the way it felt, to 1-10 since 10 itself. One of the only PS3 RPG's that I have gotten myself to platinum, because I enjoyed it that much. It definitely did bring more people to stop hating XIII as a whole. However, people also got annoyed that they even made it and refused to give it a chance. Their loss.

With LR, the same people are bashing it and refusing to give it a chance. I will give it a chance, and as long as it is as good as the last part of XIII, and XIII-2 in general, it will be a good game... But people need to stop bashing SE for making sequels. SE announced that from now on, every numbered entry in the FF series will be a series. There will be a XV, XV-2, and so on. There will be a XVI, XVI-2, and so on. So live with it.

richierich1587d ago

Typical Square-Enix just concentrate on shovelware instead

black0o1587d ago

F#%* this .. at this rate we'll hit the 10 years mark unbelievable SE

Dravidian1587d ago

Yeah, it's getting kinda stupid at this point. Was making the game prettier really worth the extra time and money being spent on this game?

I just want to play a good game, hyper realism should have been the last thing on their minds. I mean I still play games like No More Heroes, Final Fantasy VI, and Xenoblade.

If they wanted to make it look that pretty they should have put the sequel on ps4 like how Monolith is doing with "X"; awesome low rez game on Wii followed by a higher rez sequel/successor on Wii U.

majiebeast1587d ago

Final Fantasy 15 in 2015. Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2020. If Square Enix even exists by then.

ZHZ901587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

FF15 in 2015
Hopefully. :)

KH3 in 2020...
Hope alot earlier than this. :(

strigoi8141587d ago

I think there will be an announcement like:

Lightning Return of the Comeback

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