New Xbox 360 Exclusive Set to Launch Next Month

Deep Silver and Developer Voxler have announced that their latest collaboration, the upcoming music videogame Let’s Sing and Dance, will be available globally next month. Let’s Sing and Dance will be available via the Xbox Games Store exclusively for Kinect for Xbox 360.

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LostDjinn1768d ago

GOTY! I'm callin' it.

(Do I need an /s on there? Naaaaaa)

Thatguy-3101768d ago

This is the type of support(exclusives) that the 360 will get from now until the end of its lifespan. Was it really expected? I think so.

come_bom1768d ago

Nop. Fable is going to be released next year for the X360.

dasbeer881768d ago

Timed exclusive! I'm callin it!

Ron_Danger1768d ago

Troll comment time!!!

Man... 360 gets all the good exclusives...

But seriously... Where are EliteGamer, Edonus, and negetive?? You'd think if you were a MS fanboy you'd support any exclusive game coming to a MS platform and not just pick and chose your battles... Come on guys, when you're a Jet, you're a Jet for life!

mcstorm1768d ago

Im not being funny but why even bother making a comment on here. This is a family and Kids game just like Sing Star Dance, Just Dance ect. For $9:99 that a great price for a party game. It is not a system seller but this is a game for kids and family's nothing more nothing less which Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony need on there consoles as well as Core games.

Ron_Danger1768d ago

Because one company puts out exclusive after exclusive and still supports current gen with next gen right around the corner, and the other treats current gen exclusives like they're an ex girlfriend that they ran into at the mall after a bad breakup.

I like how MS told gamers that if they didn't have Internet to skip XBox One and just get a 360, yet they aren't producing anything anymore that is worth getting a 360 for.

mcstorm1768d ago

It all depends on what exclusives you like to have that point. There is noting on the ps3 ps4 360 or psv im excited about at the moment and only forza 5 and KI on the Xbox one. Im more excited about the Wiiu and 3ds exclusives the backend of this year the start of the next. What you are saying is just your taste in game not everyone else's and it is really that simple.

mt1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I cannot buy the game if there is no limited edition.

Ron_Danger1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Well it kind of is since MS is putting out a very limited number of exclusives this year for 360.

GiantEnemyCrab1768d ago

A new Fable and TitanFall are just 2 upcoming games on the 360. I am sure there will be more. This game is a family/party game not something we core gamers give much attention too.

Minato-Namikaze1768d ago

The 360 is the main reason i'm not buying the one at the moment. Dont wanna jump in bed with a company they supports is console with this type of content over content that I and people like me like.

Edward751768d ago

I will never play this game, ever. That being said, many people will buy this. The people that do buy this type of game will gravitate around the Xbox brand come next gen, no matter what games come out for the hardcore player. I feel that the one will take a huge part of the pie that the original wii had. So even if the system tanks for hardcore players (which I don't think will happen, but many hardcore gamers on N4g do) these types of games will ensure it doesn't.

Ratty1768d ago

Wow!!! Time to get a X360!

spicelicka1768d ago

wow i read exclusive! ....then i saw the thumbnail....

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