‘GTA V’ PC petition reaches 400,000 signatures, Wii U petition flatlines

As “Grand Theft Auto V” finally goes on sale today, the petition to bring Rockstar Games’ eagerly awaited open-world crime game to PC has reached a little over 400,000 signatures, while the petition to bring it to Wii U has dried out.

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rodiabloalmeida1433d ago

I hope we get GTA V PC version around early 2014.

Roccetarius1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

You will get the PC version, after they've released the PS4 / Xbone versions. That way they can make sure people buys multiple copies of the game.

That means it's a long road ahead.

Hydrolex1433d ago

I hope so, GTA V is a beautiful game on those old machines but when you compare it to todays games on PCs, it looks horrible !

I wish console cycles were 5 years

KonsoruMasuta1433d ago

They might come out with a PC version. The chances of that are greater than next gen versions.

I wouldn't hold my breath for a next gen port if I was you.

clouds51433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

dude, next gen IS PC. It's the same architecture. There is next to no "porting" required when you want to run a ps4/xb1 game on PC and vice versa.
I'm pretty sure if they make a x86 version (that's what the architecture is called) they will release it on all x86 systems (PC/xb1/PS4).

Everything else wouldnt make sense.

Yukicore1432d ago

@Hydrolex That makes me wonder if Rockstar purposly didn't release the PC version as many would choose it over console version for the graphics, and so that more players would be interested in buying console version + maybe the consoles at the cheap prices they go right now, selling even more copies.

And also games go for less on PC platform, but I'm not sure if the increased prices are not because of Sony and MS.

slayorofgods1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

and GTA5 ps3 / 360 torrents are peaking towards one of the highest downloaded torrents (androids subway surfers is currently number 1) ... These petitioners are clueless in thinking pc is the only pirated platform.

raWfodog1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

@ KonsoruMasuta

You said:
"They might come out with a PC version. The chances of that are greater than next gen versions.

I wouldn't hold my breath for a next gen port if I was you."

That's not what other industry insiders are thinking/saying:

"It's also not as if Rockstar is surprising anyone with this strategy, given that it's done this in the past with GTA IV and San Andreas. The studio employs a console-first, PC-later approach to its flagship series. GTA is a console-oriented series, designed for controllers and meant to be experienced on console hardware. That's the company's priority and it's likely to always be, especially given that Xbox One and PS4 versions will come to market probably before a PC version does."

edit: spelling

mikeslemonade1432d ago

I hope WiiU doesn't get a version and the PC guys will get it but I will be playing better games by the time the PC guys haha

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joab7771433d ago

It will release with next gen versions...and if anyone thinks they won't go next gen...look at the numbers. It is perfect for pcs and will come.

KonsoruMasuta1433d ago

Just because it might go to PC doesn't confirm a next gen release.

I'm thinking Rockstar is just going 360, PS3, PC, and moving on.

PotatoClock1433d ago

And giving up money from extra sales?!

They would capture people who've already bought it for this gen but want to experience it on a next gen machine.

Easy money.

Lior1433d ago

Next gen is pc architecture but it is very low end with rubbish clock speeds like 1.9ghz for CPU and a mid range GPU but I guess they will get the most out of it as it's only one configuration.

Software_Lover1432d ago

I think they should've released a Wii-u version. It would've been better than the ps3/360 versions and could have probably sold a few consoles

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showtimefolks1433d ago

wii-u lol

like RS ever would

Nintendo send a check for 250 million to get this on wiiu

Chrischi19881432d ago

They released a GTA on Nintendo DS. Why should they pay more, than rockstar invested in the whole game? Please reconsider that logic.

johndoe112111432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Ok, so, I'm not a wii u hater and I would be glad for the wii u users if they actually got the game but that is the problem with the wii u and it's users right there.

Developers aren't developing for the wii u and when someone starts a petition for a popular game to come to the wii u how many wii u supporters sign it? If the users don't show interest in getting games why would the devs create games for it. That petition should have had over 300,000 signatures by now.

I know some wii u owners would say "they're not gonna listen to us anyway" but that is not the point. You can't stop fighting for something if you care about it. the problem is that wii u owners only show interest and brag about nintendo exclusives and they're not showing interest in third party games.

4000 signatures is disgraceful and rockstar nor any other dev would develop for a system if they think they aren't going to make a profit off a game.

The wii u community needs to have a stronger voice and realize that they can make a change but they have to stop being so laid back. They complain constantly about lack of support by third party devs but now that they have a chance to show their strength in numbers they do nothing. things will never change unless they get serious.

Nintendo has sold 3.5 million wii u's to date and only 4000 people signed a petition to bring one of the biggest games of this gen to it? Nothing else to say about that.

Cryptcuzz1432d ago

I feel bad for the Wii U only gamers since they won't be able to enjoy GTA:V unless they buy a 360 or PS3.

Here is to hoping Nintendo garners more support from third party developers.

Lovable1432d ago




AbortMission1432d ago

I still find it hard to believe how so many drones deny the failure of the Wii u Lol. "Mario, Bayonetta, X will save the Wii u!"

Unless Nintendo is prepared to kiss ass (A.K.A spend money) to devs and issue a deep price cut, Wii u is going to continue to not receive games like GTA V and Battlefield 4.

warczar1432d ago

You guy's are joking right? There's way too much sexual content in gta5 for the big N to put it on one of there consoles.

Mark it down dude.

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Plagasx1433d ago

I'm actually hoping we get it within the next 3 months but that's just wishful thinking isn't it... :(

Persistantthug1433d ago

Why does Rockstar give PC gamers the "second class" treatment?

PotatoClock1433d ago

Last gen they gave Xbox the second class treatment. Waited a year for SA.

VonBraunschweigg1433d ago

I think it has everything to do with salesfigures, in two ways. I think we will eventually see a PC version in 2014 along with versions for next gen consoles, but R* for now keeps quit because they want to maximise sales on current gen consoles - some people might want to wait with their purchase for a better version, not announcing those would help prevent that and give R* a chance to sell you the same game twice. I didn't want to wait for a next gen version but will probably buy it day one as well, the game is that good.

However, it's also possible that salesfigures play a different role, one that's not a popular topic on gamingwebsites, because it has everything to do with piracy. I know the PS3 and 360 versions are already available on torrentsites, not the PC version, but I'm sure R* must have noticed too for the past decade: no matter if it's a good version/port like VC or SA or a bad version like IV, on console the ratio is always in favour of legitimate sales, on PC it's the other way around, only a few million sales vs tens of millions of illegal downloads. Everytime. While the PC userbase is always bigger than on console, and the versions are always better too.

After 5 years of hard work with profit guarenteed on console, it's possible a developer like R* may think, enough is enough, we do not want to see our work get stolen again on such a massive scale. We can do without those few million sales, profit comes from consoles. They may have decided this years ago, develop the next games for console only. I know RDR was made by R* San Diego, not R* North, but for console only despite a simmilar petition.

For those few million true fans on PC I hope R* announces their PC version very soon, and I hope those fans will get everything they want from 60fps to mods, everything optimised. The few idiots that signed the anti-PC petition shouldn't forget there are enough fans on PC that deserve their next GTA fix. But I'm afraid that many of the people that signed the pro-PC petition have one or more illegal versions still installed on their harddrives. For those: it doesn't make a lot of sense complaining about quality, yet keep on playing for months or years and now demanding R* treats you better.

Buy GTA games so you won't need to sign petitions. They're always worth the money because they're always a lot of fun, on all platforms.

Lior1433d ago

They want to profit as much as they can on consoles, if you had a pc and ps3 and gta v was released for both what version would you get?

PotatoClock1432d ago

Sorry to put holes in your massive post, but Rockstar do not slave away for 5 years on a game to NOT maximize their profit. The PC has a GTA fanbase and that means sales.

As you noted, PS3 and Xbox pirated versions are already out. Did they know that would happen? Yes. Did that stop them releasing? Obviously no.
By your reasoning, developers should not release games because they get pirated

Using your unsourced figure of "a few million sales vs tens of millions of illegal downloads" you think they would say no to "a few million" sales because a higher ratio, who more than likely weren't going to buy it anyway, are going to pirate?

You live in LaLa land VonBraunschweigg, where you think these companies are bound by ideology. Wrong. They are bound by MONEY. Why avoid a market that has guaranteed sales?

Further more, GTA has a multiplayer that has actually had effort put into it. If the success of the F2P model has not spelt this out to you yet, PC gamers like multiplayer. Multiplayer is only possible with a genuine copy. The most a pirated copy could do is join a crappy server where everyone has hacks.

VonBraunschweigg1432d ago

I know very well the gaming industry is about making money PotatoClock, and I know both console and PC versions are pirated. But there's an important difference. On consoles the majority of fans buy the game, on PC the majority of fans download the game without paying. Everytime. I hope you can see the importance of that for a company like R*.
Remember I was replying on the question "why does R* give PC gamers the 2nd class treatment". Perhaps GTA IV wasn't optimised for PC anymore because they may have thought it's just not worth it anymore after VC and SA failed to sell very good on PC as they did on console. So once again, I think they will release a PC version along with nextgen console versions somewhere next year, but imo R* treats consoles 1st class simply because most of their profit is made on consoles. Because the majority of console gamers buy the game instead of steal it. So R* is right to focus on consoles.

Qrphe1432d ago

Money, it's always about making the most money

PotatoClock1432d ago

I love it when guys like you spout out things that you have no proof of. No sources, no references, but you talk about it like it's fact. So funny.

The reality is that it's their business strategy. They are maximising profits. Release on consoles first but don't announce other versions until that well has dried up. Then release on other systems to begin the money river again.
Most gamers own a console and a PC and would buy it twice to access the mods on PC.

Why do you think they haven't announced next gen versions yet? Is that because they have already predicted that piracy is going to be rampant on them?

Why was the Xbox made to wait a year for GTA:SA after it had been released on PS2?
Was that down to piracy as well?

Even without sources, your argument is full of holes.

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GAMExxOVER1432d ago

It will be coming out this fall 2013. I have been keeping my ear to the wall on this and am not worried in the least. We will have it before this winter.

WiiUsauce1432d ago

Wii U version would be so awesome. I'm already playing the game on my 360, but I would love to have quick access to my stats, my smartphone, my entire map with the ability to set waypoints on the fly on the gps, fun mini games with the strippers on the touch screen, motion control mini games, maybe a Wii remote controlled tennis game or golf game. The Wii U version would be a MUST HAVE.

AbortMission1432d ago

But it's not coming Lol