Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Hopes to Bring Gears of War to Xbox One, but It Depends on Epic Games

Many have been wondering if a Gears of War game will appear on Xbox One, and Microsoft Studios Honcho Phil Spencer made an interesting statement about it today.

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xHeavYx1433d ago

Interesting, I wonder if they are thinking about going multiplat. Wouldn't mind to play this game, especially if they release some time of collection with previous games

Abriael1433d ago

That's possible, but I don't see it as "probable" for now.

Minato-Namikaze1433d ago

Why not? Final fantasy, kingdom hearts (main series), tekken, Metal gear solid are all now Multiplat now. Now to mention after the new ownership came in alot of the old epic employees left. Right now i'd say its about 60-40 of them in favor gears becoming multiplat (just let me get a PS4 HD collection before the next one comes out).

P0werVR1432d ago

That game is dead folks...I don't see where they can go giving in where they left off.

Besides, it sucks...IMO!

-Foxtrot1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )


That was my only problem with the ending of the third one, it closed the story for good. It wasn't like Halo 3 where you had a slight taste of things to come on the legendary ending.

I would of loved it if you found out in some bizarre twist that the Locust had managed to spread out on other planets with better tec. Like you would see a short scene of the the queens dead corpse being moved by survivng locust only for it to reveal they are bringing it into a type of space ship and the very last scene is what appears to be a Locust "King".

Queen Myrrah looked human so it's not weird to think that there could of been an actual Locust looking King or other rulers. I mean they had been on Sera's surface before humans before going underground so if they've been around longer they could of colonized on other planets.

Although I could be wrong I don't know the actual origins of the locust and thats because the games never really explained it enough. I don't expect to read novels or whatever to understand something in a video game, you may as well tell me when I'm playing the game.

u got owned1432d ago

We may see this series going multi-platform this generation.

UnHoly_One1432d ago

Foxtrot, who says the Locust have to be involved at all?

Nothing stopping them from making an entirely new story involving a new enemy.

mewhy321432d ago

This is a great way for Phil to divert attention from his refusing to compare the mighty PS4 and the bone. micro$oft has started sounding like Nintendo.

abzdine1432d ago

GOW is a dead franchise by now, many say that Judgement is a very weak episode and GOW saga is losing its greatness since the third episode.

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ajames3471433d ago

That would be pretty cool actually. It seems a lot of formerly exclusive companies are going multiplat these days...

Kingthrash3601432d ago

yupp thats my thought too...only 1st party companies will stay this time around it seems actually makes more sense needs to buy more companies to make them 1st party. if bungie can jump to multiplat then epic sure can. ms is failing itself in so many catagories right now. but we will going ps4 first x1 next year if they finally get their sh*t straight.

Mikelarry1433d ago

oowee i really enjoyed the first gears, i still play it now.if they were to go multiplat that will bring new blood to the franchise i will actually get it again for some curbstomping fun

Big_B0SS1432d ago

The first Gears was mutliplat so I dont see why the other cannot come to the PC.

MS would just make it that you need W8 to play them - win win for MS.

gaelic_laoch1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

It would make more sense to bring gears to the PS4 the dominate console on the market (if the analysts are to be believed) to increase profits! Other plats may even get a beefed up version!

AngelicIceDiamond1432d ago

Good lord the fanboyism is super saiyan level strong in this one.


MS will probably work some magic with Epic and keep Gears Of War on X1, realistically.

redwin1432d ago

Lol, so there is something that you like about Xbox after all. What ever you do, don't play it on Xbox or you might get hooked . One of the things that makes this game great is the online experience, but now that PS is about to get a 1/2 decent online you might be able to see what we have been bragging all along. Good to see that Sony is coming to their sences after they said that "no body wants to play online" lol. My only problem would be this time around, buying it for which system? Mmmmmm, I'll see.

bjmartynhak1432d ago

So, Epic owns the ip

But has Epic the right to put the previous entries of the franchise on other consoles?

I would definitely get a @1080p collection of Gears

-Foxtrot1432d ago

Even if they can't right away (look at Mass Effect never thought that would happened) then it's a new trilogy they will be starting so I don't think it will matter that much.

I mean if they called it "Gears of War 4" then yeah it might be but I suppose they could give it a subtitle like what Killzone Shadow Fall is doing. We as gamers know it's the 4th game but the general audience doesn't.

Long as these games aren't prequels like Judgement I won't care.

Ron_Danger1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Would you settle for a 900p collection upscaled?? :-P

SweetDangos1432d ago

Impossible. MS owns the gears of war ip. Epic games just makes it. It could go multiplatform on PC like the first did but it got horrible sales on PC and no one likes that pos games for windows live.

xHeavYx1432d ago

I don't know where you got that info, but you are wrong

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

no microsoft doesnt own the IP epic games own the IP

cleft51432d ago

Weird, I thought they had this game locked up as an exclusive.

ZHZ901432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Wow I see tons of disagrees, since exclusive games like MGS, FF, KH(Main Series not spinoffs) and Tekken especially FFXV(aka Versus XIII) was supposed to be exclusive for the PS, I don't see any problem for Gear of War to be multiplat as well not to mention MS doesn't even owns the IP its Epic.

I would definetly buy this on PS4.

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Doghead1433d ago

cool, so MS can start formula 3 again
Gears + Halo + Forza REPEAT

Abriael1433d ago

Hey, they have Ryse too now.

True_Samurai1432d ago

And sunset overdrive and Quantum Break

SuperLupe1432d ago

And Killer Instinct and The Black Tusk game and Titan Fall.

GiantEnemyCrab1432d ago

And Dead Rising 3 and Project Spark

XboxFun1432d ago

Plus Crackdown, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and Alan Wake.

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kayoss1433d ago

I enjoyed Gears of War, well except the last one. Halo Got old after Halo 3.

Belking1432d ago

Yep, just like sony has done with killzone, infamous, and That's what you do with successful ips.

gaelic_laoch1432d ago

Let us all hope and pray that M$ can present and add to their exclusives as well as SONY do! The PS4 needs the competition!

But I must say that once upon a day deal breaker RYSE is looking more and more like a liability!