Navy Yard Shooter 'Obsessed with Violent Video Games'

Gameranx: "Shooter said to have played games for up to 16 hours straight."

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xHeavYx1768d ago

Right, because it's the videogames that cause violence, not the fact that he is probably mentally unstable... SMH

Nitrowolf21768d ago

"On the other hand, Mr. Suthamtewakul’s wife Kristi thinks it has more to do with PTSD. “I remember him talking about 9/11,” she said. “He was there and when he came outside one of the buildings was gone already. All of a sudden the second building came down. He was an angry American, angry with the terrorists. I think maybe there was PTSD.”

Someone is using their head. I will admit, violent media, though not proven, probably does in someway affect someone to do something but I always found the of an issue like these to be something that happened to them phycologically.

I remember reading a study a few years ago that Violent Media actually reduces Violent if they are seen/played on opening/release night.

JsonHenry1767d ago

How many millions of people around the world play "violent video games" daily and never do anything wrong? Yeah. 99.99% of them never do anything violent towards others.

HOWEVER- What do all of these mass shooters going back 30 years have in common? MENTAL DIAGNOSIS with prescription drugs that have on their warning label that it could cause violent outburts, further complicate the illness it was designed to treat, as well as cause homicidal/suicidal thoughts.

Maybe we should start looking at the crazy people and the medications they are taking instead of video games?

GortJester1767d ago

Terrific comment, well said!

richierich1768d ago

Here we go! GTA 5 only released yesterday and already stories implying that violent games are to blame for violence.

T21767d ago

Yep people always want to blame an external source ... The guy is sick , end of story ... If there were no games he would watch violent movies or torture a cat ...

Crazay1768d ago

Well...that took longer than expected. I was sure they would have made this statement yesterday almost immediately after that coward dbag committed his crime.

Fishermenofwar1768d ago

Your AVI makes me want to go out and grab titties...I'm blaming you if I get caught.. :)

Software_Lover1768d ago

"Obsessed", "Violent Video Games"

Why do they always put these two words/phrases together when trying to put down video games?

Blaze9291768d ago

Yes...keep pushing your gun agenda MERICA. As if it's not bloody obvious

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The story is too old to be commented.