Game Revolution reviews Naruto: Ninja Destiny

Game Revolution reports:

''Naruto: Ninja Destiny, the latest offering in the endless Naruto game series seems like nothing more than an attempt to exploit people's love for the anime. All you otaku out there that must have every product related to your most beloved cartoons are nothing but prey to big companies who peddle their wares to you at whatever price they see fit, and this is no exception.
I grew up in an era where the only anime one could procure was of a certain quality. Before Pokemon opened up the eyes of corporations to fact that there is a shit-ton of cash waiting to be made off licensed products, the only Japanese animation most Americans were aware of was Akira or Robotech. And it was great. Over a decade later shows like Pokemon, Dragon Ball and Naruto have flooded the market with every product you can imagine in an attempt gain control over an army of otakus.''

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