Fair & Balanced Question: Does the media's own coverage inspire glory killers?

The media likes to try and tie video games into every violent act out there, but does their habit of turning killers into celebrities act as the biggest inspiration to these glory killers?

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Shadonic1740d ago

Possibly does, I remember people talking about some psychologist or something saying that it was dont know who though.

AnotherProGamer1740d ago

Yeah on the news there was a reporter who asked a psychologist how to prevent mass murders and he said don't talk about it for weeks, don't talk about the murderer but the victims, and don't make it global news but local news to the people that are affected by it.

And of course the reporter didn't do as he said

Shadonic1740d ago

do you have a link to it ? I want to post that up the next time the news goes crazy.

WeAreLegion1740d ago

I wouldn't say it is the biggest inspiration, but many killers have said it pushed them over the edge. They did it for the attention.

Celebrating the lives of those lost and rarely referring to the murderers would be a huge step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, news stations shut down without strong ratings. :/

Joe9131740d ago

I agree I would like to see them not mention the name of the killer thus no fame and see how many ppl keep on doing this. All these killers will go down in history and it is sad we will know the names of the killers forever but will not remember the names of the victims. Cause blaming games, movies, and music is not going to do anything you can ban all that and people will still keep doing this. The guy that shot up a mall in portland like a week or so before Sandy Hook they never talked about him and I think it would have worked but the Sandy Hook happened and all that went out the window.

LiQuiZoN1740d ago

Yes. It does. Attention and fame is exactly what they want. If your going to do the inevitable then you might as well go down in the history books right?

HonestDragon1740d ago

Of course the media influences violence. With the amount of coverage they have, plus the way they focus on a violent act and going into specific detail, it can lead to some very disturbed individuals to thinking that doing what another shooter did is their glory moment. It is then that they try to top what the other did. They want the attention and recognition, they want their picture in the headlines, and they want their final act on Earth to be remembered. These people are being fed what is needed to get that from the media.

Many of us gamers aren't the only ones to make the connection that the media are the ones who instigate violence. The video I have linked here is from Total Biscuit who has his own perspective on the subject.