"Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z" Images Show Goku Dressed up Like Naruto

Last week brought the reveal of a special Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z costume that puts Goku in Naruto's sage costume. The downloadable outfit will be included in first-run copies of the fighter in Japan, and now you can get a better look at how it looks below.

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Dravidian1768d ago

I know, right?
That actually is a decent look for Goku.
I would drop the giant scroll though....

ThanatosDMC1768d ago

I strongly disagree. LAME!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1768d ago

Oh come on. They had Naruto in Goku's uniform in NUNS3

FullMetalTech1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Wow. Nice could it be a Fusion with Naruto? That would be cool to see then fused.

andrewer1768d ago

Please stop, Dragon Ball is way too good to be compared to the Naruto thingy

kydrice1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

After you take off your fanboy glasses, you'll come to realize that the DBZ story isn't that great in the first place. It's just basically a villain appears, get beat, grow strong, find dragon balls, beat villain, make wish. Their characters for the most part were all one dimensional, their only growth was their power levels. The only people who really changed significantly throughout the series was Vegeta. Goku at the end was the exact same Goku at the start of the series as was pretty much everyone else.

Then you get to the Dragonballs themselves, I never questioned it while watching as a kid but as I got older I began to realize that unnatural deaths mean very little in that world since they could just be wished back (even more so with the new dragonballs) I remember seeing Krillin die and thought it was such an emotional scene only for him to be wished back which really defeated it. Compare that to the deaths in Naruto they're much more heart breaking because you know they can never come back (or at least not truly alive). Just go Youtube the deaths in Naruto and see for yourself. I was going to list them but that would be spoilers.

When it comes down to it, Naruto's storyline may not be perfect, but it's not much more richer and engaging than watching Goku take 10 episodes to power up just to get his ass kicked then watch another 10 episodes for him to get his sh*t together and finally beat whoever he's fighting.

Lastly, please don't reply with "Well Goku is stronger" I know that, Goku being able to destroy the entire universe with a finger doesn't make it a good storyline, honestly, it's just stupid, once you have characters who can blow up planets and still survive, it just cheapens it as a whole. It's why I got bored of DBZ in the first place, everyone basically was a god and Super Saiyans who were supposed to be rare were just a child's technique.

andrewer1768d ago

man, I raised with Dragon Ball, I don't care about the deaths, as when they revived made me happy, but about the limitless power, if you work hard, about friendship, about caring about others, I mean, the message were others, not the sadness of deaths, but the happiness that come with hard work. It was awesome when Vegeta sacrificed for example, such a guy ended understanding these feelings, and much more. That said, it was Dragon Ball that mainly showed me these. So Naruto had no message to tell for me once I tried + didn't like it, is there a problem?
I would never say that Goku is stronger than Naruto for an argument, just for believing he is the strongest character ever in an anime after following the story so joyfully, but just as a nostalgic feeling.
And for me, the 5 minutes in 5 episodes style is funny indeed, but I prefer that over Naruto, again, as a choice, as I can like one more than another.
Please, lemme wear my fanboy glasses, because the stronger an opinion you have, the harder it is to be beaten. And I don't want to have my nostalgia to be beaten lol.

kydrice1768d ago

I take it you never watched it far enough into Shippuden? I admit I hated Naruto at first and it took me 50 something episodes into Naruto to finally like it but Shippuden is where the action really starts. I tend to believe that a lot of the animosity people have towards Naruto or other anime similar to it is due to their childhood fascination with DBZ as I once had as well. It took me a long time and a lot of forced watching but it does feel good to break free from the bounds of DBZ, just saying.

DeathScythe1768d ago

At first i wasn't going to pick this game up at launch but after seeing goku with the sage outfit I might change my mind, I mean just look at him he wears this outfit better than naruto. Lol

kydrice1768d ago

I'm really hoping Goku has Naruto's techniques to combine it with his own. Can you imagine Mass Shadow Clone Technique + Kamehameha? Or how about being able to summon Shenron? I'd love to see Goku make a wind rasen shuriken as big as a spirit bomb. The possibilities of a Naruto based Goku would be amazing.