Polygon- Hands-on with the rounder, lighter new PS Vita

PG:The new PlayStation Vita's facade is very, very similar to the current model, but that veneer hides a fairly huge overhaul that really only becomes apparent after you hold the upcoming redesign with your own two hands.

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GribbleGrunger1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I have no doubt that the OLED version is slightly better, but this article is deliberately trying to make it look worse. We've had plenty of screens that are more or less identical but 'for some odd reason' Polygon decide to use the worse screenshot comparisons they can lay their hands on. Not a single person who has taken a screen shot, made a Youtube video or had hands on with the LCD version has mentioned a downgrade in sharpness:



Couple that with the out of kilter reviews this site has been giving Vita games and it's not hard to see something is going on here. This article can only be described as a 'lie'.

mewhy321796d ago

I think that Sony is making a good move here. The lower priced Vita should sell well now that it can play nice with the PS4.

vigilante_man1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

You can get the existing Vita for great prices at the minute. Amazon have wifi and 8GB card with 10 games for £169.

And at HMV in store I saw 3g/wifi for £159. A great time to get the Super-Oled before it is replaced.

I got mine a few months ago and the screen is awesome. Glad I got it then. Not saying the new LCD one is not decent or anything. Just glad I got one.

The advantage of the new one seems to be the start and select buttons. They are very slim and oval on the Super-Oled models. I do have trouble finding them during play. But the LCD version seems to have the more traditional rounded buttons.

Just wish they had put 4G into the new LCD ones. 3G is not worth getting due to slow speeds so I got the wifi only. I would consider a 4G if they did one.

Kryptix1795d ago

I would ignore Polygon's thoughts on PS branded tech and games since they showed that they're Microsoft's puppets. After getting paid $750,000 by Microsoft, I believe that they feel like they owe Microsoft something and what's better than giving Sony bad and unfair reviews?

Last of Us: 7.5
God of War: Ascension: 7.0
Dragon's Crown: 6.5
Ni No Kuni: 6.5
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: 6.0
Puppeteer: 6.0
Killzone: Mercenary: 6.0

And this is no exception with the screenshot you posted.

Thehyph1795d ago

How did Polygon even get their hands on the new one?

I honestly thought that site was a complete joke.

SIdepocket1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

So the article is fake according to you, just because they noted that it's slightly less saturated and sharp?

It's amusing that you disagree with them. Clearly you've seen the unit in person and done your own comparison - oh wait, you haven't. Welp, there goes your credibility.

Here's a tip: stop equating your favorite video game hardware with your self worth.

GribbleGrunger1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Here's a tip for you: Stop using one source to justify your dislike of Sony and check out the other sources too. You might like to look at the links I provided for more clarification. I reckon this will sell very well in China and Korea.

SIdepocket1794d ago

Here's another tip for you: don't put words in other people's mouths. I never said that I don't like the Vita and I definitely never commented on the screen quality. You're the one who's reporting this story as "fake" simply because the author said that the new screen was slightly blurrier and less saturated - without ever having seen it yourself.

Sony doesn't pay you drones to defend them at every turn, so why bother? Seeing as you're a pensioner, you should have better things to worry about than whether the new Sony handheld has a slightly less sharp screen, wouldn't you agree?

viveks861795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Good catch. Not surprising since it's Polygon. Even if we set aside the conspiracy theory you have mentioned, which I have no comments on, the screenshot that gets everyone to click and discuss is the one they would choose. That's how they roll! :D

BattleAxe1795d ago

Polygon is as crappy as a gaming site can get in my opinion.

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RTheRebel1795d ago

New Vita Blows.
Hopefully Sony announce a Tearaway Holiday Vita Bundle with that OLED.

ShinFuYux1795d ago

No way. LCD screens suck, they always seem to get these vertical lines after a while of usage, burn ins, and they seem to crap out faster than other screens. I've had terrible experiences with those screens with my apple products and PSP. Anyone remember the whole Stuck pixel or dead pixel dilemma? Yeah, we're gonna see that crap all over again with this new Vita.

Very disappointed with Sony on this move. Now I have to treasure my Vita even more.

BattleAxe1795d ago

You should make sure that you don't drop your electronics on the ground, since it tends to damage the screen.

nevin11795d ago

PSP 3000 screen looks good.

hot4play1795d ago

Actually the PSP 2000's (less ghosting) and PSP Go's screens (crisp and vibrant, hd-ish) were better. Ive compared them all personally. As an oled Vita owner, i can only hope Sony used an lcd screen similar to the one they used on the Go.

Anyway, yeah, Its a known fact Polygon is a MS funded site, so dont really trust their Playstation articles.

memots1795d ago

i had never heard of polygon until they started getting those ridiculous bias review going. No name site who is only famous for controversy.

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