Is There A Valid Excuse For Not Having Playable Women in GTA 5?

Gameranx takes on Rockstar Games and its defenders' reasons for not including a playable female protagonist in GTA 5.

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tigertron1834d ago

For goodness sake. Women are playable on GTA Online.

StillGray1834d ago

Obviously the article is talking about the singleplayer campaign.

KonsoruMasuta1834d ago

Article never specifies that. He is talking about GTA V as a whole.

Nitrowolf21834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )


TBH, I think it can be implied with the comparison the The Last of Us and this line "The issue is that “women don’t fit into a story about masculinity” is in itself a statement I don’t agree with."

But nonetheless, making this an issue is just dumb. Don't get me wrong, I think Rockstar could really work it out, but considering the humor and lines that they always use for the Male characters throughout the whole GTA franchise, a female character going the same representation as the Male character would probably give them more hate than having no playable female in the story.

It really does make sense. They just don't want to piss off a bunch of people for something they never have done in any of their games. Rockstar games revolve around male characters going from rag to richies.

0ut1awed1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )


To play devils advocate, GTA V is not technically GTA Online according to what rockstar is marketing. I mean it's the online component on the same engine and all. You wanted to get specific about the article though, so specifically speaking you are incorrect.

Hicken1833d ago

Obviously the article is a weak hit grab and/or misguided attempt to latch onto a hot topic.

I write in my free time. A LOT. I've got a few dozen novels at varying levels of completion. There isn't one of them that would allow me to just swap the main protagonist for one of the opposite gender.

Stories just don't work like that. You can't just pull off or pop on a penis and everything goes on as planned. Relationships change, reactions and interactions change. Entire world views change.

So yes, there is a valid "excuse"- I'd call it a reason- for not having playable women.

What's your excuse for such a silly article?

PoSTedUP1833d ago

yeah bc its a mans world and a mans game. funny how this shit attacks one of the most masculine games ever made, fk'n feminist...
write about call of duty bc women are noble enough to wanna fight in our military, but you cant play as a female charcter? that is certainly less rightouss than the bs they are attacking gta with. its just a bunch of sour feminists, now excuse me while i go treat women equally as i mow them down with my car in gtaV.

Gaming1011833d ago

The author doesn't know anything about art. When you have a canvas and story you want to create, it's your art, and it isn't up to anyone else to whine like a bitch that you didn't make your art the way they would have liked you to make it. Complaining that the story wasn't more centralized around women is not objective whatsoever, it's like complaining that He-man wasn't actually She-woman back in the cartoons and movies. They just didn't want to tell that story. It's like complaining that you don't play as any American Indians - as if it's up to you as a developer to include every single identifiable group, homogenized into your gameplay. It's retarded, and a non-argument.

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B-radical1834d ago

It's a cant tell someone what to put in there story...its just wrong if r* didnt want playable female in the sp then fair enough

UnHoly_One1834d ago


You don't see any articles complaining about not being able to play as a guy in Tomb Raider.

okmrman1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

yes there is a reason
the writer didnt include a woman in his story

why does everything has to be politically correct

nypifisel1833d ago

Yeah political correctness got to go. What's wrong with the simple fact that the story was written for 3 men..?

Blaze9291833d ago

....women, smh. Always wanting something

3-4-51833d ago

Where is the playable women in almost 95% of games?

Why single out GTA 5 ?

O yea, because it just released therefore it will have it's own exposure which this person can then leach off of.

Attention whoooors and nothing more

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Taislin1834d ago

Hmmmm, let me think. Because the developers didn´t want to, and the whole story was created with the three protagonists in mind. Why does a game NEED to have female and male playable characthers nowadays? Same bullshit with FFXV, people whine about no playable female characthers. If the game doesn´t have them it´s for a reason.Doesn´t mean it isn´t nice to have both, but it´s not a necessity at all. No excuse is in order

DoctorJones1834d ago

Talk about flogging a dead horse, it isn't an issue to pretty much everyone playing it. I'm fed up with hearing the same thing over and over again.

It hasn't got a female protagonist so get over it, none of this matters to most people and it isn't going to change anything. A game shouldn't have to shoehorn a female character in just to please a small minority that take issue with it.

If you're that worried about it don't buy and play the game, it's as simple as that.

chrissx1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

This is getting crazy

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