Grand Theft Auto V PULSE headset and PULSE Manager app out today

Today sees the release of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V , as well as the release of the exclusive Grand Theft Auto V Wireless Stereo Headset for PS3.

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us_army1832d ago

Tested out the GTAV Sequencer on the Pulse Elite last night, is very well done indeed. Draws out the perfect amount

JoGam1832d ago

The headphones are over priced at Game stop compared to the regular pulse set.

ooquis1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

My wireless usb adaptor for my pulse headphones got lost while traveling.anyone knows where i can get it separately?

Thehyph1832d ago

If you mean the cable, then any mini USB cable should work.

If you mean the dongle, then check your inbox. People with this issue so far have not received support from Sony. These fall under the PlayStation brand and not Sony's consumer electronics stuff. There's a massive, and I do mean massive, difference in warranties and service between the two.

ooquis1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

thanks so much mate.....

EDIT: i just came across an article saying a different usb adapter won't pair with my headphones so i'm screwed. thanks anywho

Thehyph1832d ago

They're still somewhat usable at least if you are going the PS4 route. You'll just have to plug them into the DualShock 4. You still get the rumble and all that; you just lose the VSS.

Also, I find mine work great with my Vita.

Gamesgbkiller1832d ago

From what I know.

You can't get a new one.

You need to buy the whole package.

James Vanderbeek1832d ago

you'd be better off buying ath-900x on amazon. should be around the same price. dont waste your money on these cheap sounding headphones. Believe me I spent months on getting the right gaming pair.