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gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "Once the missing content gets patched in then it will arguably be the definitive version of Legends, but since that has yet to happen, I can only review the title based on what content it offers from day one. In that sense, the Vita version is inferior, but in this special case inferior is still pretty damn spectacular."

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0ut1awed1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

The Vita and this game go hand in hand. It's the full Wii U version compared to the other console/pc versions that have nuked murphy gameplay. Not to mention this is a perfect portable game. It's also only 1gb so buying it for $5 cheaper and having it digitally is defiantly the way to go.

I think a 8 should be reserved for game with a ~$10 reduction in value though. Legends is only $35 on the PSN store compared to the $60 on other platforms. Sure the invasion levels are missing but they are adding that in. Even if they didn't, that seems like such small percentage of stuff to do in comparison to what is available overall. Not to mention the console versions have their draw backs with the nuked murphy levels, absence of the Vita specific ones, and extra playable characters. I think that more than evens the playing ground and yet you can still get the game $25 cheaper on the Vita. Again that also gives you access to this game anywhere which goes hand in hand with a platformer like this.

10 for value imo.

Neonridr1832d ago

Best version outside of the Wii U for sure. Having the murphy functionality is how the game was designed. The 360 and PS3 versions are great no doubt, but are slightly gimped in that regard.

Glad to see the Vita version is getting all the missing levels via a patch.

I own the Wii U version and am loving this game right now.

cell9891832d ago

I got the game for the Vita, and I can definitely see the advantages over all other platforms, the touch screen does open a whole new gameplay experience. It's one of the best games for Vita out there, and the value is amazing, a lot of content just for $35, for once the Vita version is actually better than the home console version