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Who needs next-gen? GTA V leads charge for best Xbox 360 and PS3 Christmas games line-up ever

There has been a lot of talk about the Xbox One and PS4. They will soon both be available - if you can find either on the shelves after launch - and they will no doubt continue to be coveted by gamers around the world. (Batman: Arkham Origins, F1 2013, FIFA 14, Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360)

weirdo  +   527d ago
i was planning on getting a ps4, but the prospect of a ps3 with gta v, last of us, and ni no kuni, is making me think otherwise... help?!
russellmorris52  +   527d ago
Id still get Ps4 , the average price of Used Ps3's is gonna go down alot soon. Youve already missed the release window for those games so why not wait a few months and get a PS3 for like $80 on CL Then buy all those games. Ps4 has a very nice lineup to hold you over.
csreynolds  +   527d ago
I've delayed my PS4 plans for GTA V. Most of my friends aren't getting PS4 until after Xmas anyway, so I'm gonna enjoy GTA V for the next few months and join the next gen next year. If I were you, I'd take the deal :-)
Sizzon  +   527d ago
GTA V ftw, I'm waiting to get a PS4.

inFamous: Second Son is not even a launch game and I want that the most cause I'm tired of fps'es sorry Killzone...
Sevir  +   527d ago
Meh! I need Next Gen, PS4, Killzone, Watch_Dogs and Driveclub.
deadfrag  +   527d ago
i was expecting CASTLEVANIA LOS 2 but Konami stupidly had to wait for the PC version to be completed to release the console versions too.Stupid move thats going to cost them a lot of sales.
Taislin  +   527d ago
The lack of Lightning Returns:Final Fantasy XIII, makes me rethink just how popular JRPG´s are right now......Seriously, that game looks amazing. A contender for best looking non realistic game this gen. Also the gameplay looks real nice. Much more stoked for it than PES FIFA or F1
hollabox  +   527d ago
I agree, I'm shocked GTA 5 can run on both the PS3 and Xbox360. Considerable upgrade from GTA 4, looks similar to GTA 4 Enhancer mods. The best looking game considering the scope this generation with only Metal Gear 5, Beyond 2 Souls, and maybe Watch Dog as potential graphics kings (PS3, and Xbox) this generation.
mamotte  +   527d ago
And Disgaea D2, The guided fate Paradox, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures -in my case- and, next year, Guilty Gear Xrd. And Mighty No. 9.
weirdo  +   527d ago
a huge thanks for your opinions. decided to postpone getting a ps4 until it has some aaa games, and join the gtav club :)
Jughead3416  +   527d ago
GTAV is indeed awesome. But it still isn't better than the Last of Us. It may however be the best game for 360 though.

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