Hotline Miami And Max Payne 3 Might Be Heading To PS Plus

"While Sony might have jumped the gun on October’s PlayStation Plus update, they’ve also revealed in the comments section of the blog post that more games will be coming to the service."

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Eonjay1713d ago

More free games... it never ends lol

Shadonic1713d ago

And what did dedicated 360 owners like me get ? a 6 year old game worth barely anything that I never even remember existing.

dragongod641713d ago

I am sorry xbox is worse then a wii u, wii's are better then wii u's

Eonjay1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I feel you. But Sony is really trying to push their value proposition. Thats why I love compotetion. Sony felt week on the online side and they are going to start charging for multiplayer. They knew the couldn't just improve the service and add features; They made a concerted effort to get top shelf games to go with their service.

The games wont work when you end your service but, but their is so much content that it more than justifies the cost. For $150 over the course of 3 years, you basically get 50 free games to play and monthly discounts on other titles.

Now, when the PS4 launches, its going to continue. Free PS4 games every months on top of the FTP games, on top of getting to still use your service to get top notch PS3 games. They are also serious about improving the network, and their Gamecom demonstration was incredible, fluid, and useful without being too cludder, poor UI or slow responsiveness.

PlayStation is the place to game now and everyone knows it.

LOGICWINS1713d ago

Been waitin for Hotline Miami to hit PS Plus for a while now.

mt1713d ago

PS+ sthop I can't keep up with all the goodies you offer neither my 500GB harddrive can keep up with you.

pyramidshead1713d ago


LetoAtreides821713d ago

I think this is for the EU version of PS +

TheGrimReaper00111713d ago

No, we get Far Cry 3, Dragon's Dogma and a different idie game wich name always slips my mind >_<

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