GTAV 100% Completion Checklist

Looking to beat the game to 100%? Look no further. Listed below is everything you need to do (and find) to receive the Key To The City, i.e. get 100%.

Things look to be a bit more time consuming this time than in GTAIV. More collectibles and more side-missions. That shouldn’t deter you though, particularly the completists among you. With enough time and determination, this prestigious award will be yours. So without further ado, lets get to the list.

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WilliamH1769d ago

The game has been out a grand total of ONE day! Give us a chance. I probably won't reach 100% until 2016

redknight801769d ago

Yeah I haven't even got my copy yet, lol. :)

WilliamH1769d ago

Don't go for the PSN digital download version, Sony & Rockstar have made a right fuck up of it. Downloaded it twice yesterday and both installs failed. Will try again tonight

redknight801768d ago

Yeah I got my retail disc coming from Gamefly, should be arriving tomorrow so I shouldn't have any issues with the game itself since it would seem the PS3 disc has no issues that the PSN and 360 versions are having with pop in and etc. Thanks for the heads up and I hope you get it working soon William!

WilliamH1768d ago

Thanks, it finally installed, third time lucky

DoomeDx1769d ago

There is an ingame checklist already,,