Head2Head: Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a closer look at this years most anticipated game, Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As some of you may already know, the optional install for the Xbox 360 version is reported to cause some major graphically issues so we’re sticking to our guns with our “out of the box” comparison. Make sure come check back soon for our full in-depth analysis, but for now come join us as we wreak havoc on the Los Santos city to expose any differences we may find! "

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RudeSole Devil1834d ago

I do notice one version textures look bad!!

xHeavYx1833d ago

Makes sense, after all, when they first showed the game, they showed it being played on the PS3, so it was the lead platform

hakeem09961833d ago

i don't see a single difference .I'm so not the picky type i'm sure some people are going to find pros and cons on both versions

Software_Lover1833d ago

I really, really do hate head to head gaming articles/blogs. I mean, there aren't many things that I hate, but this has to be a close second. Behind American political system, and tied with........ hell I dont know. Maybe it is second.

RudeSole Devil1833d ago

I really, really do hate that dumb people waste money on inferior ports. I mean lets go to the car dealership and pay $500,000 on a Honda because the dealer says its just as fast as a lambo. These article are needed for people who can afford either game and choose to buy the superior version. It called CONSUMER REPORTS and its needed.

ABizzel11833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

I unfortunately agree it's a necessary evil. If you're a multi-console owner and have the choice between the two why not get the best version possible, unless you already have the previous games on one console.

That being said it's the narrowest of victories based on Digital Foundry, and the PS3 version wins because it has better ground textures. The 360 version has better framerates with an average of 2fps better (specifically cutscenes); however, the PS3 version has better fps when there is chaos going on in-game. Both try to stick to 30fps, but drop to as low as 20fps rarely (360 version can go above 30fps while the PS3 is locked at 30fps, however, the problem is it makes the drops in fps significantly more noticeable in the 360 version when they happen).

Software_Lover1833d ago

People and their car analogies are just stupid. Comparing cars to video games is just stupid in general. The "differences" if you can call them that are so meaningless that it isn't needed. It isn't. I can see if one game was 1080p 60 fps. The other was barely 720p, fell below 30fps at times, and was missing content. This is not the case.

Most people usually get the game on the console where most of their online buddies are. Where they feel more comfortable. It's the truth and there is no denying that. Little minute differences will not change that. I am a multi-console owner this comparisions have never swayed my decision in any way shape or form when it comes to buying a game for my 360/ps3. They never will.

Honda, Lambo? Really? That is the best you could come up with.

kizzle321833d ago

I think that Head2Head comparisons are a great thing! If you own both systems like most of us do anyway, when you are spending $60 bucks, wouldn't you want to be putting that $60 bucks towards the prettier version of it?

RudeSole Devil1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Again, I can afford to wait, and I wait for these comparisons to come out ensuring I have the superior version. Its not stupid, its the smarter decisions end of your rant.

Ezz20131831d ago

if this the other way around
xbox fanboys would jump for joy and keep claim stupid claims like "ps3 can't do open world games"

they did that in skyrim,RDR,GTA4
now that the table has turned
it's not a big deal any more

this only prove how lazy 3rd party dev were with ps3

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kizzle321833d ago

So, I have the PS3 version on the way to my house right now...and since for some reason is not working at the moment...what is the outcome of this? Which one ended up looking better? Hoping PS3 because I decided to pass on the 360 version as most of my friends will be playing on PS3 when GTA Online launches...

Software_Lover1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

And you just proved my point above. You dont really care how they look because you already made your decision to get the ps3 version regardless.


edit: You are contradicting yourself. If you really cared about the differences, you would've waited to actually see the differences. Your buying decision was based of your social aspect. These comparison videos are just used to try and justify a purchase.

As you stated, you "hope", the ps3 version was the better one because that is the one that you purchased. I'm telling you, I could write and entire sociological paper from this site. You guys dont even realized when you do things.


And which version would that be? Is one version missing some content that I dont know about? Did you enjoy your inferior version of GTAIV? I'm pretty sure yours was inferior to mine as I have the 360, ps3, and PC versions.

RudeSole Devil1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

enjoy you inferior version!

Edit: if no one cared about these comparison why are you here commenting?

raWfodog1833d ago

But some people DO make their video game buying decisions based on these comparison videos. So obviously the head-to-head comparison means a great deal them. I know it may be hard to believe but its true.

Now I get almost all of my games on PS3 regardless, with exclusives only on 360 but that's just me. The only exception to this personal rule of mine was with Skyrim which I purchased for 360 after hearing about all of the issues that the PS3 version was experiencing. I wouldn't have known that without hearing about it on the internet and from these types of sites that do compare console versions. So I believe that they do have their place but I also agree that they tend to feed the fanboy fire even more than is needed.

aaron58291833d ago

wow... just wow.

Your reply was uncalled for...

RudeSole Devil1833d ago

Actually, if you followed the news lately the Xbox 360 version has streaming issues if you installed the game completely. If no one did a comparison how would you know this ever existed. Also the Xbox textures are blurry throughout, your points are ignorant at best.

I enjoyed GTAIV a year before you got your PC port. Although there's probably no content missing I enjoy knowing I'm playing the best available version for my bucks. UNIT

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sigfredod1833d ago

So for the one that doubt that the PS3 was the leading plataform

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