The Evil Within: Shinji Mikami on the creation of Xbox One's first horror game

OXM:Shinji Mikami is a man of few words. Compared to the loquaciousness of most Western developers and executives eager to reel off their latest marketing pitch, he's almost mute - possibly because his CV speaks for itself. After creating the original Resident Evil and with it the genre of survival horror, he oversaw some of Capcom's most cherished - if not most successful - releases, including Viewtiful Joe and Killer 7, as well as one-time Resi spin-off Devil May Cry.

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1OddWorld1587d ago

It's also on PS4. Title can be misleading :D

PFFT1587d ago

Yes BUT since its an Xbox only website they wont be advertising for the Ps4 version only the Xbox one.

XboxFun1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I hope this game brings back that Resident Evil 2/Silent Hill 2 type of horror and suspense back to gaming.

Title is not misleading since this story is featured on an Xbox site.

XboxFun1587d ago

Yes, both games are coming out for the X1 and PS4.

Deadpoolio1587d ago

Yes actually it is misleading...It does kind of read that it's a One80 exclusive when it's actually multiplat...They don't have to mention Sony by name but there really is no reason to ignore it being multiplat

Transporter471587d ago

Should say creation of the First Next Gen Horror Game.

CGI-Quality1587d ago

Which sill wouldn't be true, since Outlast and Day Light are next gen horror games for PS4.

Transporter471587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Idk then. How about First Next Gen Survival Horror Game by Shinji Mikami.

2cents1586d ago

Political correctness gone mad!

christocolus1587d ago

Nice didn't even know it was coming to xbx one he stated earlier i hope he uses kinect2 in a revolutionary way...

2cents1586d ago

I agree,

There could be some great implementations

Such as controlling the tempo of the music based on heart beat.

Imagine if they matched our heart rate to vibrations in the triggers!

Waiting for a moment when you look away from the screen to pull a shocker on you.

Fitting dialogue based on our expressions, like... "oh you think that's funny?" or "Wipe that smile of your face" etc etc.

The possibilities are immense, here's hoping.

christocolus1586d ago

wow....dude you should be a developer....if they do implement such ideas it would be freaking awesome.

Doghead1587d ago

Hate when some guys go around fooling others, this is also on ps4...
Don't spread lies

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