23 Year Old Man Stabbed and Robbed At GTA V Midnight Launch Event in London

A 23 year old boy has been stabbed and robbed of his retail copy of GTA V after queuing up at one of the London Supermarket midnight launch event.

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PCGamingNoobs1835d ago

I read this before, its really really quite sad. someone gets there own money and minds there own buisness causes no harm to anyone and looking forward to a simple thing gets this in return because some absolute scumbag tramp more than likely on benefits can't save £40 from his more than likely drug habit. its a really sad world sometimes.

CarlosX3601835d ago

Wow. Stabbing over a Really. Really?

Surely there's something even more worth it for a stab, like, I dunno... A game console or $1000 in cash.

Senseless crime.

AntoineDcoolette1835d ago

I wish I could say I'm surprised. Unfortunately I'm not.

beepbopadoobop1835d ago

Thats London for you...couldnt pay me to live there.

Hellsvacancy1835d ago

Like innocent people don't die all over the world mate, every country, every city, I bet even where you live atleast one innocent person has been beaten, stabbed or shot to death

PSNintyGamer1835d ago

A twenty three year old is not a ' boy'. That is a 'Man'

daggertoes831835d ago

About to write the same thing. This right here is why I carry.

Chaostar1835d ago

Thought exactly the same when I read the title. It kinda rubs salt in the wound, for lack of a more tactful metaphor.

ginsunuva1835d ago

But only boys play video games according to the media, so we can't label gamers as adults.

Majin-vegeta1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

This is why I always carry around a pocket knife or brass knuckels.Especially in Fresno for sh*t like this.Better to be alert than anything.Hope the kid makes it out good.

raresteak1835d ago

If someone jumps at you with a brick from behind there isn't much you can do.

As much as I would want something it's worth avoiding a launch event that could attract thugs.

NarooN1835d ago

Shit like this is why I prefer to simply order stuff online and have it brought straight to my house. No need to wait in some long-ass line for ten years just to get a game and walk out right after.

Sucks that this guy got annihilated by some random scumbag POS lowlife, though. Wouldn't ever live in London.

jjb19811835d ago

They're gonna blame gta v for this. Really sad for they guy and rockstar.

georgenancy1835d ago

you're sad for rockstar?how now?

Retaliation1835d ago

Because they're gonna get blamed for creating a game like GTA V, which then the game would be blamed for this incident.

jjb19811834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

What Retaliation said is what I mean. They make this masterpiece, 5 years in the making and get blamed for every iteration. Why isn't infinity ward being blamed for any shootings due to the airport mission in modern warfare 2? Rockstar is thee media scapegoat.