Metal Gear Solid V TGS schedule announced, new gameplay to be shown at the Sony booth

The dates and times during which Hideo Kojima will be showing new Metal Gear Solid V gameplay footage have been announced.

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Nyxus1763d ago

Me neither, too bad it's in the middle of the night for me...

theoriginaldon1763d ago

any news on release date on mgo beta ?? THE_DON

GrandpaSnake1763d ago

one step closer to metal gear online

zerocrossing1763d ago

Nice! can't wait to see the new gameplay footage.

Nyxus1763d ago

It's about time we saw some new footage. :)

zerocrossing1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Yeah it sure has. Not sure if that's due to Kojima having trouble with the enemy AI being too unpredictable.

But anyway, it's Metal Gear so it's bound to be interesting :)

sigfredod1763d ago

Yeah is time to see the best version on action

bigboss19901763d ago

PlayStation 4 version brilliant lol don't like the new voice though bring back David hayter

Nyxus1763d ago

I need to hear more of it, but yeah, can't wait to see the PS4 version in action!

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