Phil Spencer Refuses to Compare Xbox One and PS4 (but he Kind of Does), Has Great Respect for Sony

As the Head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer is at the forefront of the upcoming power struggle between Sony and Microsoft to determine who will win between PS4 and Xbox One.

When asked to compare the two consoles he refused (but he still kind of did), and he also surprisingly talked about respect for Sony, pretty much like Sony's Shuhei Yoshida did a few days ago.

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gaelic_laoch1429d ago

No body in their right mind is going to compare their Prius to someone else's Ferrari!

NewMonday1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

I think Spencer is the best at handling the media at XBox

dj3boud1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

keep that talk in your trash can :P

Blackdeath_6631429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

i wouldn't say he is the best, just the least worst at getting the message across because ultimately everything he says is still PR dribble he just doesn't make any slip-ups

mewhy321429d ago (Edited 1429d ago ) his defense...what is he really going to say? "Well the PS4 is 50% more powerful, easier to develop for, you can upgrade the hdd, and doesn't look like a 1980's VCR, at costs 100.00 less. But hey you can watch TV with our box...wait you could do that w/o our box couldn't you?" Can blame him for avoiding this topic.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1429d ago

badkolo + 12h ago
keep dreaming

Ridiculous response.

JohnS13131429d ago

I guess you're the one dreaming. All those deserved disagrees.

guitarded771429d ago

@ newmonday

Maybe, maybe not... but that really isn't saying much about MS's PR people. I think he is one of the most smug people I have ever seen. I wouldn't want him representing a company that I had money invested in.

BOLO1429d ago

The Xbot's are the one's with their head in the "cloudz" on the Xbone's power.

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thrust1429d ago

Hahaha a Ferrari......nuts!

Armyntt1429d ago

Generous to whom? Im buying a both, day 1. So i have no dog in the fight but in your metaphor if the XB1 is a prius then the PS4 would be like the insight. The Ferrari/Prius analogy is flaming the fires that dont need it really.

andibandit1429d ago

Especially considering that a pc would be the ferrari, dunno whats 50% more powerful than a prius. Maybe a civic

Foliage1429d ago

Do you understand what 50% means?

A Civic?


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badkolo1429d ago

oh since when did titanfall get announced for the ps4.
another dreamer on n4g. i know us xbots can get bad but jesus christ you ps guys are the worst of the wrost

kenshiro1001429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Just like those other games on the 360...oh, wait.
Titanfall will come at some point.

Gamer19821429d ago

Wow titanfall thats your arguement? Only the most stuckup xbox fans believe thats not coming to ps4 at some point. It's not an exclusive anyway as its on PC. Xbox is going into this generation weaker than the last as its lost big hitters like gears of war as MS wanted to invest in timed exclusive of titanfall and COD DLC.

gaelic_laoch1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Xbone is practically Beta Testing Titanfall for the inevitable and definitive PS4 version! But you can keep Ryse!

thrust1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Titanfall on sonys psn network, hmmm think I will pass.

Studio-YaMi1429d ago

No fanboy is better than another ..

Sony fanboys,Microsoft fanboys,Nintendo fanboys & PC fanboys are all alike,they are nothing but trash,they spin things to their favor even when it's obviously not,they keep attacking other consoles even when it's not necessary or bring their consoles into articles that's not about their consoles AT ALL,they tell lies about other consoles to show that it's trash when it's not,they hate you if you're a "bit" against their console or criticizing it & the list goes on.

Don't try to make it sound like one fanboy is less harmful than another,all fanboys are alike.

v6volume1429d ago

I'm waiting for Titanfall for Wii U. Anyone know the release date

andibandit1429d ago

Have fun waiting for titanfall

solidjun51429d ago

" i know us xbots can get bad but jesus christ you ps guys are the worst of the wrost."

At least you're honest in recognizing what you are.

rainslacker1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

It wasn't, but if their bragging about winning a bunch of rewards(most in E3 history) for a game that they didn't personally develop, and will also be on PC, and will likely come to PS4 one day, then that isn't saying much. Think about it. They're taking credit for a game that EA developed and is publishing as if it is their own.

MysticStrummer1429d ago

Titanfall will appear on PS4 eventually. If not the first game then the sequels. Count on it.

@thrust - "Titanfall on sonys psn network, hmmm think I will pass."

My 100s of hours playing online through PSN laugh at you. Next gen may very well be different, but this gen the only difference between XBL and PSN were the social features of XBL. Gaming on the two platforms, stability wise, was the same.

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creepjack1429d ago

OMG, I REALLY hope you don't think the power difference is like that, LMAO

No wait, maybe I do.....I like the sound of disappointment

FamilyGuy1429d ago

lol, that's a bit much. Besides, what about comparing their miles per gallon?

On topic: anyone in the video game industry should have respect for Sony among others, anyone that doesn't probably shouldn't be in the industry. Many of these companies pioneered aspects of what we see in games today, MS included.

H0RSE1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )


"No body in their right mind is going to compare their Prius to someone else's Ferrari!"

- This is the shit that makes the Sony camp look unrealistic. The PS4 may be sporting more powerful hardware than the X1, but it isn't like the X1 is a fucking atari...

Sony proponents exclaim how X1 fans are delusional for not accepting that the PS4 is more powerful, yet it seems Sony fans are just as delusion in their expectations of what that is going to translate to.

gaelic_laoch1429d ago

"yet it seems Sony fans are just as delusion in their expectations of what that is going to translate to."

Wrong! It is up to devs to translate the more powerful hardware into more powerful games and it is more than reasonable for PS4 owners to expect max return for their investment!

H0RSE1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

First off, you took my quote out of context. It was pointing out the degree of improvement many Sony fans seem convinced they are going to see in PS4 games compared to X1. It has nothing to to do devs and their ability to to fully utilize the PS4's hardware - you just added that in yourself.

So it's reasonable to expect max returns, or as I think you meant, "consistently" max returns on an investment that relies on developers, who are often working for publishers, who have shown on many occasions to release games when they see fit, whether or not the game is at %100 or not? In an ideal world, what you exclaim would be reasonable, but it isn't an ideal world, it's the business world, and your expectations mean shit.

With a mindset like yours, you should really move over to PC and support operations like Kickstarter.

GiantEnemyCrab1429d ago

"With a mindset like yours, you should really move over to PC and support operations like Kickstarter. "

Exactly. If you are a spec fanatic why the heck are you gaming on consoles? There is no Ferrari in consoles, that is reserved for the PC. Or if we are going to make ridiculous analogies maybe the PC is a space shuttle.