Arma 3 Review: The Waiting Game | Dealspwn

Dealspwn writes: "Putting a score on Arma 3 is incredibly difficult, then. A superb wargame is in here, waiting for you, but plenty of content is missing or difficult to find and wildly inconsistent in quality. Not unlike the frame rate. Once the Steam Workshop and modding community gets even more experienced with the editor (and Bohemia rolls out some frequent updates alongside the solo campaign), we expect the game to evolve far beyond its original remit, and the final score will become totally meaningless in time.

I'd love to award Arma 3 an 8/10 or higher, but I can't, at least not at launch. It's not finished, yet costs full whack. We have to review what we've got. Thankfully our Editor's Choice Award was made for exactly this occasion."

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